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2 years ago

i have a crush right now and i think he likes me too, he always reacts heart on my posts and is it something to be a sign thaat he likes me too? he never did that before but suddenly, we just stop comminicating because i stopped it. i still like him thouogh but not like before when we were still chatting because i liked him too much that i want to message him. right now, i think i came bac to my senses and i stopped my stupidity. well i think he just likes me as a person and thats it, he is so mysterious though. we were even to a point where we have video calls and we are sending love emojis, i dont know what would that mean but all i can hthink now is it is just all stupidity and nonsense i dont know. i have a lot of things to do and i think that would be the least thing that i would mind right now. i dont know what to do and i just wait if he will message again. i think he is not interested at all. well it makes me sad a bit if i would think about it but i know i hae to do more important things than that i think we werejust bored, but i really like him though, but i cant imagine myself being with him, but im so happy back then though, and he took a lot of photos of me and he just send it, it really melts my heart because thos are the gestures that i like, and we were even sending photos to each other, and he sends me his photos and acts my opinion. i just like himthough he does not feel the same. i think well i have to focus on myself for ow. i cant afford to have another heartbreak thouggh, i cant afford to be hurt again. im just so tired already. maybe it was never my thing so it would just be better if i will stop doing it for the mean time. i know its so nice to feel loved, to feel special, or to be inlove but i think the breakup is the heaviest of all and i cant handle it

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