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2 years ago

cause she's the kind who is smarter than everybody you cannot possibly know that already can so eyes never lie and shes got brainy eyes what kind of eyes do i have dreamer eyes mags what aint a bad thing she turned at a muted thumping inside the open pantry benedick handed her the last glass just as the back wall shifted got stuck a moment then popped open hero stepped through and whatever happened to corney the minskys bought him out said prince coming up behind her he had to duck through the entrance to avoid hitting his head theyve bught out everyone from the rum line we cant keep watering down our already watered down supply ben heros eyes lit up youre home come here immediately so i can kiss you he walked dutifully over and leaned down to let her buss him on the cheek are you finished with that dreadful school of yours yet i hate seeing you only a few days time done as a christmas ham i guess thats about the only piece of good news ive heard all day did you meet my cousin yet? yes said prince if thats the right word were pounced upon benedick suggested dryly obviously youll both be nice to her said hero shell be

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