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2 years ago

oops excuse me i didnt realize you were there none other tah beatrice clark finished crawling out from under the car twirling a misshapen tree branch in one hand turns out your axle is fine but this was lodged up in the france can you imagine her question was not entirely rhetorical he could hear the underlying accusation but for once in is life words failed him she was wearing a pair of mens coveralls threadbare and stained the sleeves rolled up past her elbows boots the kind prince would approve of were tied to her calves would you like help mr scott she extended a hand down to him certainly not he stood on his own brushing himself off not that it made much different at this point where did you find tools in the car most good drivers keep the basics with them especially with old fords she lifted the hood and propped open the branch your other problem atleast what i could see from the bottom up is that one of th holes you acquiredd caught valve and its leaking the quickest fix without a mechanics shop is to get some plain cloth and dip it in heated rosin sap essentially then lay a bit of rubber scrap over that and tie it tight if you like i told you to wait inside benedick cut her frustated.

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