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2 years ago

good for reducing inflammation and swelling just like medicine helping regulate happy hormones reducing fat builup in the liver which can cause fatty liver regulating blood sugar keeping skin healthy harvest basil befre the white flowers appear to ensure the sweet taste of leaves fresh basil is best kept in a glass of water in a cool dry place do not wash basil leaves if thet are intended to be kept in the refrigertor wash leaves only when they are ready to be used dried basilleaves have less essential oils vitammin c and beta carotene to prevent bitternesss adn maintain floavro addd fresh basil when the dish is al,ost coooked its flavor goes well with lemon olive oil tomato and garlic basil has been known to have anti fertility effects large amounts of basil may interact with cholesterol lowering and diabetic medications shelf life of dried basil is 6 months when placed tightly sealed glass container

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