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the avocado which may be green or purple and slightly pebbled or rough is actually considered a large berry with a single seed the fruit of the tree is also called alligator pear because of its shape and textue some fruits of the true is called alligator pear because of its shape some fruits are rounded the main ingredient in the mexican dish guacamole avocado has a fleshy creamy content that is high in heart friendly monounsaturated fatty acids avocados are climateric fruits this means they mature on the tree but ripen off the treee there are several varieties of avocado usually naemed after where they were grown examples are califormnia, florida, mexico, guatemala excellent. source of vitamin k dietary fiber fat folate good source of b e c acid magnesium manganese best for eyes reduces risk for macular degeneration due to lutein and beta carotene slows down development of cataract enhances absorption of carotenoids and their conversion into vitamin a the heart blood and blood vessels helps redus blood pressure with its high potassium and avocadene lowers risk for stroke reduces bad cholesterolprvents oxidation and builup of bad cholesterol in the walls of the blood vessels blocks free radicals regulates homocysteine

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