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Spherical Spin Balance

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9 months ago

Whilst I realise the earth isn't a perfect sphere per se due to variations in the altitudes of its geography (mountains, plateaus, valleys, lowlands, etc.), I have often wondered whether the balance of its spin is shifted "out of whack" by such things as:

  • the digging up and shifting of physical resources from one part of the planet to another

  • the conversion of physical resources into commodities which are then sold around the planet

  • large shifts in populations due to political unrest, emigration, refugee crises, wars, pandemics, etc.

  • changes in albedo effects due to deforestation, bush-fires, water pollution, etc.

Just wonderin'...????

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It's nothing. Imagine a mouse moving on an elephant :) The elephant wouldn't even notice. All our actions on Earth is like not even a mouse, but a small microbe running around an elephant.

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8 months ago

I get what you're saying... and yet... there is currently a small microbe that is causing pandemic havoc... ;-)

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8 months ago