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She Just Says, "Moo!" | She Farts

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10 months ago (Last updated: 9 months ago)

How do I tell you about her?

Do not anthropomorphize

I suppose
Some would describe her
As a little bit
On the 'beefy' side

For me
It is always her
Doleful eyes
That talk to me
And capture me
With their deep

Although she
Lives in the field
One perfect day to the next
And day-to-day
Twice daily
Like one of the obedient herd
She dis-engorges
The conclusion of her

Sunrise to sunset

She does not know
That there is work being done
To synthesize
Her and her
Four stomach chambers'
Maximized through
Generations of genetics

Perhaps it is for the best
Where will she
And her sisters

She stares at me
She chews her cud
She just says, "Moo!"
She farts

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She farts a lot?

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9 months ago

She sure does!

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9 months ago

LOL that's nice, Codare!

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9 months ago