Why You Should Learn to Speak French

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Parlez-vous français? Non? Why not?


There are lots of benefits to learning French. According to numerous sources:

  • French is a working language and an official language of the United Nations;

  • French can boost both your educational and career prospects;

  • French is the language of the future.

English is my native tongue. In elementary school, we were taught Spanish. It wasn’t optional. It was required. But when I got to high school, the foreign language courses offered were Spanish, French and Latin.

  • No need for me to take Spanish. About a third of the student body was Cuban and they spoke Spanish all the time. You could learn it just by listening.

  • The smart kids took Latin. You know. The kids that were going to be doctors one day.

  • I reasoned that even though I will probably never go to France, a lot of Canadians come to America and they speak French! So I seized the opportunity and took 3 years of French; and loved every minute of it!

Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten a lot because there were never regular opportunities to converse with anyone who spoke the language. But thanks to the Internet, I found a cool blog that shares one French word a day; and another website that teaches you how to learn French the fun way. (Links shared below.) They are nice refreshers and help me brush up on my French so I don't completely forget.


  • One source says that French is the 2nd most studied language. Another source says that French is currently ranked sixth among most spoken world languages. The other 5 languages that are spoken more than French are Mandarin Chinese, English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic. It is believed, however, that a boom in French-speaking African states will significantly increase the percentage of global French speakers by the year 2050.

When I lived in Maryland USA from 1988 to 1995, there was a school there that taught the children in French. At the time it seemed odd to me. But it looks like the educators were very forward thinking. What vision! I was not forward thinking, but I'm glad I took French in high school (in the 70s). I love the sound of French words. They are so romantic. The French language even makes RAP sound good! LOL. 🌝


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Thanks for reading. ... Merci d'avoir lu. 🌝

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Speaking a foreign language is usually very beneficial in terms of how we make connects with others all around the world and to crown it all, I love French so much because it is a commonly used language due to its simplicity and the fact that it has gotten up to a very high level of recognition over time. Now do you know that aside Latin, French is the next most complete language in the history of the world? French is lovely dear!

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