My Space: Does Your Favorite Room Have a Name?

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Is there are favorite room in your home where you go to relax, retreat, block out the rest of the world, or share a special space with someone?

OK. Before I get started I just want to say that I know what a casbah is.

  • It’s a fortress in North Africa (and in some other parts of the world). It is a unique medina or Islamic city and the Kasbah of Algiers is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • “Casbah” is a word that I have heard in movies and in music. I watched an old movie, released in 1948 titled “Casbah” (1948) and it was set in Algiers. There was also a song I liked during my teen years called “Rock the Casbah” . Will Smith sampled it on one of his songs. (Will Smith feat. K-Ci's 'Will 2K' - Discover the Sample Source)

  • Casbah is also spelled kasbah, qasba, or qasaba.

When I hear the word “casbah”, I usually associate it with something really cool!

When I’m talking about casbah in this article, I’m going in a completely different direction from the usual meaning of the word and how it is commonly used.


Everybody likes to read articles or watch TV shows about the personal lives of celebrities. I kind of like shows where they show the homes where they live. The late Gregory Peck and his wife said they liked to spend time in a room in their house that they called “The Casbah”. It’s a place where they retreat.

Just then I had “Ah hah!” moment. I thought to myself:

'It would be so cool to have a room in my house that I could call ‘The Casbah’.'

The best part would be decorating the room.

There would be thick rugs and huge comfy pillows. The décor would look Persian.

Yes. I know a casbah is a fortress and there are famous casbahs that are located in Morocco. Morocco is in northwest Africa and Persia (now Iran) is in southwestern Asia.

But it’s MY CASBAH! So if I want to decorate Persian or Iranian style, I will. LOL.

8 Inspiring Decor Ideas from Iran: This article says to use copper pots, some handwoven baskets, various types of hand-stitched cloth, sweet-smelling flowers, decorative rugs, and a Poshti (a decorative pillow for your back). (FYI. There is an excellent selection of poshtis on Etsy.)

At present, I live in an apartment with my sons. But if I ever get into a home again, I plan to have a home office/casbah. Yeah well! I figure I won’t be able to afford a house where I can have one room for my home office and another for a casbah.

Have you never named a room in your house?

What is your favorite room in your home and why?

What Your Favorite Room Says About Your Personality

Thanks for reading.

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