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My previous article about this spice was titled "Ginger is a Healing and Flavorful Spice". This is an article with some additional information so I titled it "More Ginger Love". This content was also shared on Noise.Cash.

GINGER evokes wonderful childhood memories for me. Memory 1: The gingerbread man. He only ever came around on Christmas. Memory 2: Ginger snaps. Cookies that I could buy for 10 cents a box! A crispy cookie that had a strange exotic flavor. When I became an adult, I started using ginger in my cooking for the 3 Ds: desserts, dinners and drinks. Food historians say that ginger was used in ancient China and in ancient Rome. [1] For use in cooking, ginger can peeled and grated or chopped, sliced or diced; ground into powder; crystallized; and pickled. (I love pickled ginger!)

By the way, you can also make a gingerbread house! 😊 It's a fun thing to do with kids. [2] If you don't celebrate Christmas, decorate it for a fun holiday that you do celebrate. [3]


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hey there.. we also use ginger for cooking and for medication... we drink it like tea!

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