My Foodie Luv: It's October ~ Let's Celebrate Apples!

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In the USA, October is the month we celebrate Halloween, pizza, and apples! I especially like the fact that October is National Apple Month. It was founded as National Apple Week in 1904 and later expanded to the entire month of October. Apples are such a delightful fruit and come in numerous varieties. There is a variety for practically every letter of the alphabet, including the letter Z. The variety is called Zestar. Have you ever eaten one? I haven't. I have never found them in my local grocery store. Here's a description of what they taste like:

  • "The most outstanding feature of a Zestar! ® Apple is its sprightly sweet-tart taste with a hint of brown sugar. And, unlike other early season apples that are often soft or mealy, Zestar! ® is juicy with a light, crisp texture." (Quote Source)

Apples in Legends, Myths and Folklore

🍎 Ever Hear of Johnny Appleseed?

From childhood, I have heard all kinds of stories about apples. The story I remember vividly is the one about Johnny Appleseed. As a child I remember hearing the story about a man who walked everywhere in America and everywhere he went, he dropped apple seeds on the ground and apple trees grew. That’s not really true. It is true that he was a real person and not a legend. His real name is John Chapman (1774 – 1845) who became known as Johnny Appleseed. He introduced apple trees to various parts of America such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. It’s not just the fact that he planted the trees which contributed to the environment. He was also a very kindhearted man and became known for his acts of charity, as well as his conservation efforts. It made him somewhat of a folk hero.

🍎 Other Legends and Myths About Apples

Is it in the Bible?

An apple is not mentioned in the Garden of Eden. Neither the Old or New Testament specifically state what the forbidden fruit was that Adam and Eve ate. However, for years people have insisted that it was an apple. Eating it caused them to be driven out of the Garden of Eden. An apple? Not sure why. (O.o)

Non-Biblical Myths

In Greek mythology, it was said that a golden apple is what caused the Trojan War. “The war originated from a quarrel between the goddesses Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, after Eris, the goddess of strife and discord, gave them a golden apple, sometimes known as the Apple of Discord, marked “for the fairest”.”

In Norse mythology, it was believed that apples held the key to immortality. The name of the Norse goddess who was the keeper of the apples was Iðunn. Her name means “ever young”.

The Celtic people buried apples with the dead. To the Celts the apple was sacred and it was associated with rebirth. Excavators have found graves dating back 5,000 years that had petrified apple slices.

In ancient Silesia (now modern-day Poland), people believed if they slept under an apple tree, it would induce dreams; and if a young woman put an apple under her pillow on New Year’s Eve, she would dream of her future husband.

How Do You Like Your Apples?

Apples can be eaten raw. Just pick them right off the tree. Bake them in pies, make cobblers, cookies, brownies, put them in salads, turn them into jelly, and more. My favorite way to enjoy apples? Warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM! What about you? Do you like candied apples? How about bobbing apples?

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Wow! Great to know that apple was introduced in most parts of America by Jonny who later got the name the Appleseed hahahaha... The same goes with palm kernel seed being introduced in Malaysia from Nigeria

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2 years ago

The cultural history of apples is interesting and puzzling. I am not sure the word "apple" always denotes an apple, it seems they called many fruits apple. Just compare pineapple, pommegranate (in many languages called "granary apples" or something similar), or orange, which in at least one language is called "apelsin", which means Chinese apple.

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2 years ago

Yes. I noticed that when researching about apples. Either way, I'm glad this is fruit that can be easily grown. The added extra with the apple tree are the apple blossoms. They are so beautful and fragrant.

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2 years ago