My Foodie Luv: First Food Experiences: Veggie Burger

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Veggie burgers look like burgers but they don't contain meat. Do you remember the first time you ate a veggie burger?

Can you remember your first veggie burger experience? I can remember mine. I ran away! Me? Eat a meatless burger? I think not!

I was working at a state hospital and there was a small restaurant open for breakfast and lunch. Most of the employees and managers ate there. On a certain day of the week, the owner’s special was soy burgers. The burgers looked delicious! I would have eaten it too if she (the owner/manager) had not casually mentioned before I was about to order that it was a meatless burger.

I’m like: No beef! It’s a hamburger with no meat! Forget about it!

She laughed at my reaction and told me that so many people would order those soy burgers that she would run out of them. She never had enough to serve all the customers. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would have thought she was just kidding me. But she wasn’t kidding! Her customers really loved those veggie burgers. But I wasn’t convinced.

Fast forward about 10 to 15 years later and for personal reasons, major dietary changes had to be made for the sake of a certain family member. I found myself not having to choose whether I would eat a veggie burger, but what kind of veggie burger was I going to eat? Oh my! There are only thousands of recipes and several brands in the store that you can buy ready-made.

Me personally, I like veggie burgers made with mushrooms. They at least have a “meaty” taste. Several years have passed and now I’m perfectly OK with eating veggie burgers. Of course, they don’t taste like a hamburger. But they don’t taste nearly as awful as I imagined that they would. I don’t know what I was thinking when I worked at the state hospital. After all veggie burgers are made out of foods I usually eat anyway: beans, chickpeas, mushrooms, nuts, oats. The only difference is they shape those foods into a patty to make it look like a burger. Duh!

It’s so true. You eat with your mind. LOL.

Do you have a favorite veggie burger?

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Anything about Burgers?? Well, I always wanted to try the best in it. I love burgers since the day I started eating it. From it bun down to its Patty, especially with a sliced of fresh tomatoes and a lettuce in it with a mayo and some cheese.. SAVOR! 😍

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2 years ago

I feel much the same way as you about it. Or I should say DID. Although I am still one who will always prefer the BEEF patty over the plant based one 99.9% of the time. The first time I ever ate one was at Burger King. I tried their Impossible Whopper, and I have to admit that I am hard pressed to be able to really tell the difference. And I hate to admit they are quite good.

Most of the time when I resort to eating them is if I have overindulged beef just a bit when I am on my business travels. Not that it helps with my salt intake at all. In fact I think the Impossible Whopper has MORE salt than a regular burger does. But it CAN be helpful for the plumbing, so to speak.

Nothing can replace a good old fashioned meat burger. But from time to time I don't mind eating a veggie one either.

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