MUSIC LOVERS: Imagine the Music of King David

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When King Saul was troubled, a young man named David would play the harp to soothe him. One day that man would be one of the greatest kings of ancient Israel. He was a battle-hardened warrior but also a gifted songwriter and musician. He wrote numerous spiritual songs for worship and likely composed the for them as well. The words to his songs have been passed down to us through the biblical book of Psalms. Unfortunately, none of King David's harp music was preserved.

FORTUNATELY, harpist Jeff Majors has a wonderful imagination.

He has set to music some of the Psalms written by King David. Many of his admirers know him for his interpretation of Psalm 23, which he performed at the memorial service for Coretta Scott King.

Majors’ music is categorized as Jazz Contemporary Gospel, and sometimes New Age. If you have not heard of this exceptionally talented musician, then it may come as a surprise to discover that his first album, “Sacred”, was released in 1998. That is correct. He and Hanifah have been around for over a decade. 

  • Hanifah is the name of his harp. ( A female given name: from an Arabic word meaning “true believer” .) 

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Well I never heard of him before. Sounds good. I suddenly remember Prince of Egypt though. Wish more music can be made like the movie's soundtrack.

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