K-Drama Review: Bad and Crazy (2021)

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7 months ago

Multiple personality disorder is very real and will probably take longer than 12 1-hour episodes to cure. ‘Bad and Crazy’ is a K-drama TV series released in 2021. It is purely fictional, not based on a true story and should not be construed as professional mental health advice.

Lee Dong-Wook plays Ryu Sool-Yeol. He’s “The Bad”.

Although he’s not really a bad guy. He just wants career advancement in the law enforcement agency he works for and figures the best way to get a promotion is to overlook or cover up crimes that have been committed. All he has to do is neatly wrap things up, close the cases, and file them away. This way he gets promoted collects a steady paycheck, and does not upset the “higher ups” in the police department or in the government who could make his life miserable or even kill him to get him out of their way! He’s not bad. He’s just realistic. I mean … he’s no HERO! Or is he??

Wi Ha Joon plays “K”. He’s “The Crazy”.

When viewers are first introduced to this character, they might think that he’s possibly a ghost who decided to occupy Ryu Sool-Yeol’s body in order to make him do the right thing. But as time goes on, “K” is revealed as Ryu Sool-Yeol’s alter ego; a justice-seeking HERO! Whereas Ryu Sool-Yeol would get down on his knees and grovel at the feet of a corrupt politician he knows committed murder and agree not to expose his wrongdoing, “K” would publicly kick that politician in the face. slap him around, and call him a murderer, out loud in front of several witnesses who just can’t believe what they’re seeing. I mean … is he CRAZY??!!! “K” may act crazy, but “K,” says … he’s a HERO!!

So? Does Ryu Sool-Yeol have a split personality? Yes! Yes, he does.

But what happened to him to cause this mental health condition?

Not saying. No spoilers.


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This is such a different, energetic Lee Dong Wok from Goblin and Touch Your Heart. I felt tired watching him always running in this long trailer. Srsly, they put everything on that trailer 🤭 but this interests me. Adding it on my watchlist now.

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