Found an Easter Egg Reviewing My Read.Cash Notifications

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Do you celebrate Easter? If so, then you know that the best part for the Easter holiday for many children is the Easter Egg Hunt. Adults hide the colorful eggs and children run everywhere hunting for them. When all the eggs have been found, the one who has the most eggs in their basket usually wins a prize. Sometimes it doesn't matter how many eggs were found. It's the kid who found “the prize egg” who wins. That's the American tradition.

But there is another way people use the term “Easter eggs”. They use it when they mean to say that there was something “hidden” and nobody noticed. When they found it, it was a surprise!

Here are a few examples of articles where people have used that phrase to indicate there is a “hidden surprise”:

I'm sure with these examples, you get the idea how people use the term Easter eggs.

Now to the main point of this article:

Ever find an Easter Egg in your Notifications here on Read.Cash? I found one!

It was in the “Notifications/Mentions”.

Even though I have published over 50 articles on Read.Cash, I'm still sort of “clueless” when it comes to navigating this platform. I was scrolling through my Notifications. By the way, you can have them eMailed to you OR you can just review them each time you sign in. Like Noise.Cash, there is a little “red bell”.

In my case, there were quite a few Notifications because I have several subscriptions and I had not reviewed them in a while, because I was busy publishing articles trying to populate my profile. I write about a variety of topics, although I do have a specific post series titled My Foodie Luv.

Anyway! I realized I could expedite my review of the Notifications by clicking on the sub-buttons.

I clicked on “Affiliates” first. Of course, as expected, nothing was there. Story of my life. People sign up using my referral link and then they don't anything else. Hey! At least I convinced them to visit the site.

Next, I clicked on the button that said “Mentions”. I honestly thought it was going to show no activity. I mean … who would mention me? Does anybody at Read.Cash even know I exist? LOL. 😊

This nice member mentioned me in his article here on Read.Cash.

The Coin Of Freedom 'Bitcoin Cash'.


Surprise! Surprise!

Thank you @Crypto.Maniac!

Although the example he provided using my profile is sort of “bittersweet”. LOL. 😊 He proved that a person could write quite a few articles and go unnoticed by TheRewardsBot thingamambob. LOL. 😊

Ah well! That's another story of my life. LOL. 😊

Nevertheless, I am still happy that I found both Read.Cash and Noise.Cash. I consider both of them to be Easter eggs that I had been hunting for and finally found with a little help from my friends, fellow bloggers and writers who have been helping me learn how to make money online since I started this journey back in 2007.

I can honestly say both platforms have changed my writing and blogging life for the better.

Can you say the same thing about your experience?

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I was surprised with this precious Easter Eggs🔥 Hello, I'm newbie here

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