CCFCN: Musk's Twitter Purchase May Impact Crypto But Not Free Speech (An Opinion Piece)

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9 months ago

Always searching for the latest crypto news. Came across an interesting article. What it posits could be true or it could not be true. Regardless, I did not think this was an article that should be ignored.

Here is the article link: Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase is affecting the cryptocurrency market. Here’s how | MENAFN.COM ~

Below is a quick summary of the article (with some of my thoughts)

PER ARTICLE: “Elon Musk was always concerned about the lack of freedom of speech on Twitter. Therefore, he started a long-going process of buying Twitter and claiming it as his platform ...”

What I think? Twitter was not really created to promote freedom of speech. None of the social media platforms were created for that purpose. However, once the politicians recognized its effectiveness as a tool to reach the masses, there was no stopping them! Twitter is a just a “check” for them to see how many voters they can get. They want people or rather “voters” to tweet because they want to know what to tweet back to sway them.

Regarding freedom of speech, the “protection” America's founding fathers meant for citizens to have when expressing their opinions, was protection from the government. That is to say citizens will not punished by the government for speaking their minds when they disagree with the government. Peaceful protests are an example of exercising one's freedom of speech. Tweeting can also be an example. But we have laws in place already to protect our freedom of speech.

I am not sure what Musk is trying to do when he says he wants to protect people's freedom of speech. (???)

Trump was banned from Twitter but he's always in the news! Was his freedom of speech really impaired by not being able to tweet? Nah! By banning him from Twitter, it wasn't his freedom of speech that was taken away. Trump using Twitter as a tool to cause chaos, confusion, and to play a malicious game of nasty and dirty politics … that was taken away. Musk allowed Trump back on Twitter. But so what! America and the rest of the world has already seen the riot at the nation's Capitol on January 6, 2021. What can Trump possibly tweet that would sound like a reasonable defense for encouraging violent insurrection and sedition?

PER ARTICLE: “... some experts believe that the purchase of Twitter will also have an advantage on how cryptocurrencies will be perceived. Let’s see how this can happen.”

  • Musk as an Influencer: Elon Musk is influential in the world of tehcnology and is widely interested in cryptocurrencies. His personal crypto investments include Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. Because he is vocal about his support of crypto, he may influence others to start investing.

What I think? I agree.

  • The NFT Tweet Tiles project: “This platform was launched the next day after the complete Twitter acquisition and allowed users to perform any exchanges through Tweets (buying, selling or displaying NFTs).”

What I think? Sorry. I don't know enough NFTs to comment. When I read what was said in the article, it went straight over my head. About all I could tell is that people who are active in NFT marketplaces approve.

  • Exchange platforms collaborate with Musk: Getting rid of bot accounts; plus use of Web3 technology and other new ways of merging blockchain technology with Twitter’s features. “Given that the acquisition has already influenced Doge’s activity, we expect nothing less to happen to other vital cryptocurrencies.” However, Twitter's revenue has significantly decreased because major businesses (like Apple, Inc.) are backing away from the platform. Musk's behavior is a tad bit unpredictable and the corporations and investors are unsure of exactly how he will manage Twitter.

What I think? Jack Dorsey along with several others co-founded Twitter in 2006. Musk purchased Twitter in October 2022. So for about 16 years Twitter was under the same ownership. How long will it be under Musk's ownership and leadership? Uuuhh …??? Where is a good crystal ball when you need one?

* * *

This is how the article finishes: “... Musk claims to protect free speech, but people don’t seem to be on the same page. Since then, he’s only proved willing to make risky decisions that put him in a bad spotlight.”

What I think? I agree. When I looked into the crystal ball this is what I saw:

Much like Tumblr, Twitter is here to stay. Tumblr went through several owners after its creator David Karp sold it to YAHOO! Will Twitter do the same? Don't know. We'll just have to wait and see. But I think that it will take a lot more than Musk's unpredictable behavior to make this social media platform disappear. People like it too much! And I'm not just talking about Americans who already have their freedom of speech. People all around the world like Twitter and use it to freely express themselves … that is, when their governments don't block their access. (As of February 2022, the governments of China, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan have blocked access to Twitter.) Meanwhile, I do hope the collaborations with the exchange platforms prove to be fruitful endeavors; and that Elon Musk's influence on the crypto market will be positive. For the future, no matter who owns Twitter, whoever uses Twitter will surely benefit if these projects are successful.

I want to finish my article off with this quote:

  • "Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right, enshrined in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. However, there are governments and individuals in positions of power around the globe that threaten this right. A number of freedoms fall under the category of freedom of expression." (Source)

Thanks for reading.


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9 months ago


Of course I disagree. The practices of Twitter and other social media defied the rules of free speech, and outrightly and absolutely disregarded the Constitution in doing so. They suppressed speech they deemed hateful (anything conservative), and they silenced important information on liberal people that may have allowed the public to be better informed in their voting choices. Even when it came to banning people from their site, Twitter only banned mainly conservatives. Not liberals. Liberals had a virtual, free playground to spread lies and misinformation unchecked, and the only reason so many liberals are now incensed over Musk's takeover is because their playground has been open to the general public AND because they view Musk's current political inclinations to follow conservative politics.

Part of the problem sites like Facebook and Twitter face is that they want editorial control yet do not want to be considered "members of the press," while at the same time disseminating an awful lot of "news." But of course, ONLY the stories they want you to see. ONLY the stories that push liberal ideology and agendas. ONLY information that THEY (the left) agreed with.

They could publish news all day long about Russia collusion, which turned out to be fake news, but suppress news about Hunter Biden, which turned out to be REAL news. Their "fact-checks" were not really fact checks at all, but rather interpretations of truth based on what THEY felt the truth needed to be.

I am not sure Musk is the answer, per se, to making Twitter a better, more user-friendly and "inclusive" place. But for all the liberals who cry every day about being "inclusive," Twitter was one of the least inclusive place on the Internet, with Facebook being a very close second.

The only people "included" on Twitter were likeminded people with liberal views who did not question liberal ideology, plain and simple. And there is no slanting that or denying that with a straight face by anyone who wants to argue that was not the case. It is as obvious as the nose on our faces except for the people who cannot handle the truth—which generally happens on the left.

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