CCFCN: Easy Ways to Earn Crypto ~ Watching Videos, Etc.

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People are always searching for easy ways to earn crypto. Here is what I found.

How to Earn Tokens and Convert to Crypto.

I created an account on Bucksify over a year ago and never looked back. On this platform you earn BXT (Bucksify Tokens) and you can convert them to cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.) or gift cards (Amazon, Prepaid Mastercard, etc.).

(1) Watching Videos is the easiest way to earn tokens/crypto

Hideout TV is a separate platform from Bucksify. Much like YouTube, people create videos and you view them with ads. Hideout TV is on the Offerwall for Bucksify. The main way that I earn BXT tokens is by watching videos. I turn on my Amazon FireTV in the morning, and at the end of the day I redeem my rewards. Hideout uses various Rewards Partners for their program. Bucksify is one of those partners. I redeem my rewards at the Hideout TV site and my Bucksify account is credited immediately. If you don't have a FireTV you can play the videos on another device (laptop, tablet, etc.). While I do online work on my laptop (blogging, affiliate marketing, forum posting, etc.), the videos are playing on my TV. That means I'm earning from both my online work and playing videos.

(2) Taking Surveys

The other easy way I earn is just by answering surveys. TheoremReach has the best surveys and even if you don't qualify, they reward you a few tokens just for trying.

(3) Hourly Gifts and Loyalty Rewards PLUS Daily Bonus and Daily Quests

  • Every hour you can claim free tokens. Just click the button and solve the captcha.

  • If you sign in every day you get tokens just for signing in as a loyalty reward.

  • If you are active daily you will get rewards bonus and if you have earned a certain amount of tokens during the day for completing certain tasks (watching videos, surveys, etc.), you earn extra tokens for that, i.e. for completing daily quests.

(4) Referrals

If someone signs up under your Referral link, you earn tokens for their activity. This to me is "proof" that Bucksify is a great platform. Normally, people who sign up using my referral links on various other sites are NEVER ACTIVE. As a result, I don't earn anything. However Bucksify? To my shock and awe, I saw tokens being credited to my account because my referred members were actually being active! (Hideout TV also ha a referral link; but nobody has ever signed up using mine.)

The only complaint I have ever heard is that Hideout TV and Bucksify is not available in certain countries. But they are doing their best to expand globally.

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I am active in Bucksify, bit really Hideout TV doesn't work in our country, so that one is t going to be earning part soon.

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