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Amsterdam Thinks They Can Rethink Their Economy

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4 months ago

I used to know an executive manager who will tell all of the employees: “If something works, bottle and sell it!” She meant that if you had a good idea, put it out there.  Prove that it works and she would gladly implement the procedure and process wherever it was needed.

People always talk about the evils of capitalism and how socialism is so much better.  I never thought either system was EVIL.  However, both economic systems have their good points and their bad points.  But if one country could come up with a system that really works for all of the citizens, the rest of the world should just copy them.  Don't nitpick and fight over originality.  It's for the common good!!

Amsterdam thinks they might be on to something!

In April 2020, during the first wave of COVID-19, Amsterdam’s city government announced it would recover from the crisis, and avoid future ones, by embracing the theory of “doughnut economics.”

Could Amsterdam's New Economic Theory Replace Capitalism? | Time

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Written by   49
4 months ago
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