A TV Was NOT on My List

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2 years ago

Do you ever make a Wish List? A lot of times for the Christmas holiday, where gift giving is a integral part of the celebration, I sometimes make a list. But I never expect to get what's on my list. LOL.

My kids usually say they will be buy what I asked for and then … like a typical mom, I say “No! No! Save your money. Don't spend it on me. I can live without it. It's just wishful thinking. I don't really need it.”

They usually don't buy what's on my list and just give me the cash. I'm totally OK with that.

But one Christmas, this was NOT on my list, because I didn't know to ask for it. One of my kids bought me an Amazon Fire TV.

You might say “Eh! It's just a television.” That's what I thought. Of course, I did not say that out loud to my child. I just went “Oh! WOW! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!”

Why didn't they just give me cash? I have to tell you WHY. That Fire TV is amazing! I can use it to watch videos and make money! YES!! There's an app for it!

I don't do commercials. But if I did, I would be happy to do a commercial for the Amazon Fire TV.

So! If you are making a Wish List for whatever reason: Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, whatever! … If you don't already have an Amazon Fire TV … put it on the list!

Trust me. If you get one, you can say “Oh! WOW! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!” … you will really mean it! LOL.

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2 years ago