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It's hard to describe what I write about. I've been writing on the web for more than five years. I started by forums when I learned about earning money online. Then I moved to steem and was very active there. Now I'm more active in hive, but still posting sometimes in steem and blurt. I just copy past my content there. In hive, I'm building a community I called ''DCooperation''. In fact, it's a community of decentralized collaborations. I want it a link between all crypto world to make us all connect and create content together. We may even create a movie about all this. A documentary movie !

When I start writing, I wrote about many projects created on the web. I was learning about them and sharing what I learned. I was even testing them and being sure that those are not scams. To not make others lose money. When I got tired from all those and realized that most of them are ponzi schemes, I decided just to write about what I like and earn from that. That's why I liked steem when I joined. I thought that will be the perfect space to grow in and to invite all people there. But after time a lot of things changed and upvote bots were created and not the best content was supported, but the content where people pay the most to bots to be upvoted. Then I noticed whales starting creating a lot, and they just colonized the trending page. So, looking at the trending page, you see all the familiar names who have enough stake or their friends or people working in their projects. Maybe they may show a good content to the crowd to make them think that's about the content, but it's mostly about stake. That's how steem moved from the proof of brain to proof of stake.

A lot of things changed now. Steem was forked and hive was created, and most of my followers and supporters moved to hive. That's why I decided to move to hive. I like it in hive more because they have tribes besides that. That means token created with front ends. Each token is related to a specific topic. It's easy to create and cheap. For only about $25 anyone can create a token in hive-engine.com and adding another $250 a full front end could be created. But the thing is that's not created directly on the blockchain like applications, but most of the information is related with hive-engine.com website. I prefer to see in the future SMTs directly created on the blockchain. That will be a faster thing because hive is very fast. One of the one of the most fast blockchains, referring to blocktivity.info.

So, I may create a token for my community as well. I really want to reward collaborations. It's great when we all work together on something instead of doing that only for ourselves.

You can check as well the interview I created here : youtube.com/c/ClixMoney

I interviewed more than 100 steemians in the past. But I took a big pose from that and now I'm starting interviwing people from hive. We created also a few collaborations with the community. One of them was about me, you may watch it here :

You may also watch a few trailers created by our members here :

That's the best one and it's from a guy who won the most steem because we had a big contest then for the best trailer created !

From a girl from the town I live Rostov on Don in the Russian south. She was the reason why I met my wife the first time. I was organizing karaoke in English because I was a director of an English club before. You may see what was done in the club in the following video :

That's another story about me. About how I traveled from Algeria to Russia and didn't find friends here and decided to create an English club to find the same people who are here from other countries. And I found a lot of friends that way. Then when all those people went home, and I finished my study, I had to close the club. But, that's another story to be told apart.

Continuing about DCooperation, we had an other trailer from a cool guy who edidted it very well. He even created a logo for us. Check that here :

We also had a cool collaboration about steem here :

And the other one about hive :

There are other few collaborations shared in the channel, you can check them here : DCooperation youtube channel.

I took a long break after the fork. Because I put a lot of time and energy in the community and it was devided like that. I blame Justin Sun of that. He was the reason steem was that devided. He was the reason why I stoped building the community for a year.

Now, I'm coming back with a better energy. With more ideas and I don't want to give up on all this.

You may join us here in :

DCooperation discord server !

Subscribe to my youtube channel here :

ClixMoney youtube channel !

Follow me in twitter here :

ClixMoney twitter account !

I even interivewed some famous crypto people like :

@scottcbusiness :



I'll continue doing my best to link all the crypto community from now !

Thanks for @Pantera who motivated me to join here !

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