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What we are fighting for ?

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5 months ago

Source : Youtube channel ''Mixtape Mood''

I'm just listening to this cool music and thinking about what to write about !

I like to write something without even thinking a lot, but just letting my fingers hit that keyboard !

It's really fun ! Try it. Especially when you listen to a cool music !

Oh, my god, I can even write in the dark. I like to see that little light outside from my window and to hear those buttons typed. I like to see what I wrote and keep writing and letting my soul enjoy the process !

Sorry for this introduction, I'm just enjoying, what I advise you to as well. Give yourself a rest. A rest from drama, from money, from crazy news in the world, from everything that's not making you happy. Look at that beautiful face of the girl in the video ! People are beautiful, you are beautiful, your mind is beautiful. Feel perfect. That's useful sometimes. Forget about anyone or anything offended you. Just let it go !

No, I'm not drunk, if you think so. lol

I'm just enjoying the calm music and share my ideas inside my head !

I know many are fighting now. Fighting for money. Fighting for power. Fighting to prove they're right and others are wrong. Maybe respecting ideas is the solution. Respecting ideas that are not causing harm to anyone. Or even if they do, maybe we show our disagreement otherwise ? Without creating wars ? Do we have a brain ? Can we solve this in a civil way? Without making this public. Not involving those who has nothing to do with the fight ?

Why we like to use others ? We can prove we are right without pushing others to think like us. The smartest thing is when you're able to prove you're right. Not when you depend on others to protect your idea.

I'm not talking about a specific thing. Just in general. We fight so often. But the most important is the compromise.

Let's live in peace. With ourselves and others !

We have so much information to look for. Better things to do !

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Written by   70
5 months ago
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