The trust is hard to win and easy to lose ! - [Proof of Trust]

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You may think this post will be about the drama. But it's hard to talk about it. I don't want to support it or reveal what I found, digging deeper and learning about it all. But I will talk just about the trust !

Trust is one of the most fragile aspects. Especially for those who have experience. No matter how good you are or the thing you're building, if you will not win that trust, you or your thing will never be considered good. I would say building the trust could be the most important in any field. And after creating a trustful thing, the priority should be to not lose that trust no matter what. If you feel losing it, it's better to change to keep it in a good level. I would say, that could be considered the proof of trust !

I wrote about many kinds of proofs here : How many proofs are there on the blockchain ?. Now I seem to have to create a collection of that. lol

So, what's the proof of trust ?

In my opinion, the trust should be built between both, the project and the members. We have members proving they are legit, but not spammers and following the standards of the project they joined. We have the project promising people that they will get what they joined for. It could be even a concept that's clear by the name of the project.

So, the members themselves should not change their behavior and abuse the ideas of the project. And the project itself should prove to people joining that's the main idea of this project is applied. In this case, we don't have to look at the white paper, but everything is clear from the name of this project !

Talking about the proof of brain or any other concept in the crypto world, we should always consider the proof of trust as well.

Why would an investor, invest his/her time and money in a trustless project. If the investor proved his trust by investing time and money in it and by joining it and being interested in it and by helping the team or the community to thrive. Why wouldn't the project prove the trust to members and give them what they are here for. We all have a brain !

A project that's created for people should consider all the consequences in case the trust is lost. Both project leaders and members are in the same ship. If the ship is broken, they will all sink !

I think I said everything needed in this article, but I would like everyone to consider trust always when doing anything, especially if it's related to other people and building any relationship. Building the trust can lead you to success, and it will be easier after to keep building your project. In fact, it's related to all fields in our lives, but not only to creating a project. Trust is the most important thing we should gain by others !

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