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It's interesting to observe the change of the prices of any token or a cryptocurrency. It's never stable. Always going up and down depending on the market. But still there are some sure predictions about it when you watch the charts. If the price is so low, and it was higher many times during the existence of the coin, that means that it will reach that price again. That's not always the case, but if the crypto exist a long time enough, that's mostly the case.

So, we see that almost every crypto start with a good price. Then it moves to a more stable one. Usually the price is high, and then it goes down, then act like a rabbit by keeping the jump up and down. But the diapason of the price stay stable. So, if someone will buy low and wait for a certain time, the price will go high anyway. That's mostly happening to old crypto created.

Talking about bitcoin price, we see it always higher during all the years. It started from about $100 in 2013, then moved to $1000 in 2017, then we witnessed the big pump in 2018, and it reached $20K, and finally we saw it about $60K in 2021. I'm almost sure we will see it hitting more than $100K the next year already, and we may see it even $500K after a few years from now. Imagine owning only 0.1 BTC may bring you $50K and that's already good money. Maybe that's why bitcoin is fought by governments, because it may create a lot of infusing people in the world. We may see most of them support decentralization and freedom, but not centralization and control. We should fight for what we own as crypto people. We should secure that as well.

There is another big reason why bitcoin may go that high in the price. It's also related with the inflation of the dollar itself. The more will be printed, the worthless it will be comparing to bitcoin. And it's also related to the repression and the high control. People will prefer to move to crypto rather to keep their money in fiat. And the more people will hear about it and trust it even more. We already see how the relation to crypto is changed over the years. And the digitalization will help in that as well. Because I don't think that crypto people will move to centralized money created by governments, but they will support more of the anonymity, and they may have to choose even more anonymous crypto like Monero (XMR) for example.

Looking at other crypto, they mostly follow the price of bitcoin. I mean, most of them go higher when bitcoin is high and go down, when bitcoin is down. Because most of them are related to bitcoin but not dollar price.

If we look at ethereum, we see it during all the time between 0.01 BTC and about 0.12 BTC. Now it's 0.07. The same about most of other crypto. Unless it's a crypto for speculation. Something like USDT or USD COIN. They all go down in bitcoin when bitcoin is high and they go up when bitcoin is low. Because their price is always stable in dollar.

Looking at other crypto that I call cheap coins. For example siacoin, reddcoin, verge and others. We also see them in short term of a few months going high and low and never getting lower than a certain price and never higher than an other. For xample siacoin was about 21 satoshies a year ago. In the middle of the year it hits about 60 satoshies, so it went 3 times higher and it's going now to 20 satoshies again.

So, I would say that the price of old crypto is almost always predictive.

That's why I don't prefer to trade new coins at all !

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