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The paradise is blurry !

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9 months ago
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There are so many great places in this world. Places where we all can live in peace and the earth is enough for all people who live in it !

After reading this post : Evolution of Paradise by @mineopoly. I decided to share the movies I find about paradise. So, most of the movies I found with this name are negative. Half of them about war and the other half about criminals. The only positive one I found is this one : Paradise, released in 2013. Even though it's related to an accident the girl had. Here is the trailer :

I guess they meant by Paradise, Las Vegas. The world of gambling, drugs and nightclubs. Of course, such movies always show that drinking alcohol is good and that's the luxury lifestyle. While so many movies could be created about healthy lifestyle and showing how we can make this earth just like a paradise and not to waste money on not needed things, and to make everyone happy, but not to give everything to some and nothing to the most.

Another, a bit positive movie, is about a guy who saved a girl from ( as they showed us ) scary Arabs who stole a girl. I wrote ''as they showed us'' because I lived in an Arabic country and I didn't see anyone steeling girls. I lived there for 12 years and when I moved to Russia, people was thinking about Arabic countries the same. It's a big manipulation to show that those people aren't civilized. A big lie from the movie creators. Arabic countries could be even better than some European ones. They have building, roads and everything civilized people have. And not all the territory they have is desert. In deserts, usually they haven't that many people living. Most people live in the north, where there are green spaces and modern cities.

It's another movie that's not showing any paradise at all. It's a fight to survive. That's what they want us to believe ? We can't live in paradise if we are not fighting each other, not thinking that other people are dangerous etc...

The other movie I found is Russian, also called Paradise. It's a black and white movie, released in 2016. It's about the Second World War. And you know what's usually happened during wars. I don't think that such a movie should be called ''Paradise''. Here is the full movie with English subtitles if you want to watch :

I don't know why they decided to call such a movie with that name. Maybe that's to show ordinary people that the paradise is impossible to reach on earth and that's possible only after death and only for religious people who are sure about that. For others, paradise doesn't exist at all.

Another two movies that are related to criminals are : Night in Paradise and Paradise Beach. I don't want to get in details of both movies, but all are about guns and killing each other. Just like action movies, nothing there is ''Paradise''. If that is paradise, so I'm a ballet dancer. lol ( That's a Russian joke, when you make fun of something called with unsuitable name ).

I didn't give up looking for a movie that means really a ''Paradise'', and I found another negative one. It was a documentary movie about fire, about forests burning. It's called ''Fire In Paradise''. I rather think that's a paradise in fire. And maybe that's on purpose. Done to scare people. It's strange that we have now such fire in so many countries. In Russia, about 5 million hectares are on fire. Of course, the mass media are telling us that less than one million, but people are aware. It's getting even close to the North Pole. Big regions : Yakutia and Siberia are in fire, even people from Krasnoyarsk are sharing their videos on the web about how they can't breathe. Bears and deers are running from the forests to the cities. I heard also about such fire in many other countries. It's interesting, that's coming with the hard push on vaccination. Anyway, that's not a Paradise at all.

If you want to understand what could be happening to those poor people, just watch the trailer of the movie !

Again reminding us about the absence of the Paradise in a movie about criminals, that's called : ''Escobar: Paradise Lost''. Here is the trailer, and you tell me if that reminds you about Paradise :

And many others. I really didn't expect to not find any movie related really to paradise and how it should be. If I was a producer, I would create a movie about how we can all work together to make the earth looks like a Paradise. To live all in peace and to build a great world together. Not what shows in all movies about Paradise.

I don't know if it's too late to do something like that or not, but I always hope for the best !

Lets at least share the truth when we find it. And help people open their eyes to what's going on !

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Written by   109
9 months ago
Topics: Movies, Film, Films, Filmography, Politics, ...
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It is quite discouraging to see such movies portraying such bad habits. It is actually captivating the mind of the young ones who watch them. I agree with the fact when you said that movies portray drinking as a luxury life. It is actually not so. In addition, this increases crime rate in the society.

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9 months ago

Yeah, it increases crimes as well, and a lot of other problems in society. I hope older people understand that and stop watching those movies with their kids and not allow them to watch such movies.

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9 months ago