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Salaries of blockchain developers !

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3 months ago

As content creators sometimes we forget about the work done by developers.

Some may even complain about them, because they see them earning well.

But are they really earning that well ?

So, let's talk about the blockchain we're active in. I think most of the developers are doing well, but they all deserve it. Because of many aspects :

  • They are at the same time strong believers in crypto.

  • They are happy to earn our tokens and to make them grow.

  • They are at the same time investors in the blockchain.

  • They are working day and night to keep the blockchain on.

  • They may even earn less that they could, but keep being here for the idea.

  • They are close to the community, providing huge service !

So, let's suppose that someone is not happy with the recent developers. And want them to go away, or to replace them. Of course such people should find the alternative. Developers with the same characteristics I mentioned above. It's almost impossible to do. Because most of our developers are here for years. They are coming from the old blockchain to the new one to make it better. They are experienced in this. They are giving all themselves to our blockchain. So, never dare to discredit their work. Unless you have really worthy developers who may do the same work. What I see impossible to have.

I've been more than 5 years on all this, and I like to look at the big picture. Try to look at the big picture yourself. Look at how much blockchain developers are paid in the real world :

Do you have that many to pay them ? Or you may have the same developers that we already have ?

Sometimes people have to think before even writing something.

Because a working blockchain is what the end user need !

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Written by   110
3 months ago
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