Russians rejected in Turkey

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10 months ago

This was my worst day in Turkey. I didn't expect that I will be so emotional with what happened to me, even being ready for that.

So, we were rejected in Turkey and we have to leave it now. Of course we liked so many things about this country. But what happen to us made us regret everything. But since we don't have the choice, we will just look for another country that will accept us. It's interesting how the Russian leaders are doing everything and citizens who have nothing to do with that are paying. While those leaders can enjoy travelling the world and having real estate everywhere.

Anyway, watch the video to understand how we got rejected. How I turned from a positive person who started the day hoping for the best, to someone who get disappointed about so many things.

Anyway, we're not giving up like some Russians who were rejected and returned to Russia. We will keep fighting and looking for a better country to live in.

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