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Never ended covid story !

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3 months ago
Topics: COVID, Politics, Truth, Freedom, Pandemic, ...

The first year of the pandemic I wasn't sure about so many things going on in the country. Now I have more than enough information to understand what's really going on.

A lot of things happened during the last two years. From creating a panic that the virus is deadly and dangerous, to forcing masks, then vaccines. I'm glad that I wasn't brainwashed by the mass media and I kept looking for the information about that from alternative resources. And most people in my country didn't fall in that trap of propaganda. So, the rating of vaccination should be low here even if the mass media kept forcing for the opposite. Even now I don't know that many people around me who were vaccinated. And most people here don't wear masks outside and only wear them when they want to buy something and only if the cashiers ask about that. Maybe that's why globalists are turning the world against us. It could be a punishment for not supporting the narrative. And their plan is working very well. I don't see them failing in what they are doing. Especially now when the country is closed to many people. And it's only possible to visit a few countries who accept our citizens.

When the war started, I was always looking at the sky and trying to breathe deeply to be sure that I will not feel any chemical smell. Because there are so many bloggers who started saying that Putin is against globalists to make Russia independent and to free us from all the medical tyranny going on in the world. We discussed a lot about this topic with my wife, and I gave that theory only 1% of chance because I know that Russia is a member of the World Economic Forum and many people in the world talk about that and even show videos where Putin talks with Klaus Schwab. I've seen also other leaders participating in that form, for example Herman Gref the president of the biggest bank in Russia that's called Sberbank. And by the way that bank is not under sanctions for a reason. Only a few of other banks are under sanctions. Maybe those banks aren't that private and that's why they should be eliminated to make only one bank lead even more and control the economics of the country. That will be easier maybe to run the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency).

I kept looking at the sky everyday thinking that maybe the chance that I gave to my theory is even more than 1%. Because I didn't smell anything and the sky was clean. I loved to see those clouds.

Even if they kept hiding the sun sometimes, I thought, it will be cool as all this psychos with the virus will end and all people in the world will live their usual life, just like we lived before the pandemic.

I was even able to see the moon during the day and that made me happy for some reason. I always loved to look at the moon because it looks like a face looking at the earth.

I was happy seeing the blue color of the sky. Blue is my favorite color and I don't see it that often. I mean the natural blue.

But I also thought that the clean sky and the happiness of some people shouldn't be paid by the victims of others. So, why we people can't have peace without war and construction without destruction.

I took the last picture of cool sky and sun, despite I started smelling chemicals in the streets. It's kind of giving hope to a dying idea. Seeing it disappearing once and forever.

Yesterday despite having some hope, maybe 0.01% of it. I lost all of it. Because we had this news in Rostov on Don, the city situated in the Russian south and very close from Ukraine : Unusual drawings in the sky surprised the residents of Rostov. I think you will be able to translate that to English and see the pictures shared in the most popular social media here.

Of course the mass media keep telling us that those are just footprints from military airplanes while all the airports are closed in the south. Temporary closure of airports in southern Russia extended until March 20.

Or to discredit those who are talking about this and aware, they talk about people talking about aliens invading us. But the version that those are chemical trails is completely excluded. Otherwise, I don't understand what I smell when I open my window.

After a few days they may tell us that was fake. Nothing of that happened and all those who spread those pictures are conspiracy theorists, or crazy people. Aha ... .

So, forget about that this war will change anything about the covid story. We may see even more tough propaganda about new strains and even more crazy restriction in the future.

How professionally they are fooling the population of the world. I really feel that I'm part of a fantastic movie about a dystopia.

Maybe something will happen and all this will be finished, and I will wake up from this dream.

Otherwise, I don't have anything else to add. I'm in shock.

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Written by   109
3 months ago
Topics: COVID, Politics, Truth, Freedom, Pandemic, ...
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