Liberalism is so close to decentralization !

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Referring to Wikipedia, the word ''Liberalism'' :

is a political and moral philosophy based on liberty, consent of the governed and equality before the law.

I know that in French, the word ''liberté'' is freedom. So, it's clear that the word Liberalism is coming from freedom. The same about decentralization, we also fight here for freedom and do our best to help people get what they want. The same about being free in doing what they want with the money earned here, or free in writing what we want and creating what we want and even criticizing is free.

About the money we earn here, we don't have to pay tax for it, for example to developers who are working to make all the applications on, and witnesses who are taking care of nodes or APIs. We even don't like to use the word tag, and we pay fees sometimes only in some cryptocurrencies. There are the ones without fees and that's great. It's teaching us to be completely free to use our money the way we want. We may even participate in the governance if we are staking enough. That's really awesome when anyone can take a part in it and that's close to Liberalism.

When we write posts or comments, we are also free to write what we want, when we want and where we want. I mean, we can choose any community we like to write in, any post to comment and no one tell us why we are not doing that in a particular one. The same about what we write or comment, we are completely against censorship in any form known. We even build applications to fight all the censorship and to call censored people from the web to join us.

The same about how we act with others. We learn to choose the people we want to be in touch with, no one can tell us, why we are so active commenting, or supporting others. We have the complete right to chose who to deal with and who do not. Isn't that all so close to Liberalism. Aren't we all feeling here more free and sometimes even in our own countries and even among our relatives ?

Being here for so long, I feel that the decentralization is turning me to a liberal. And maybe a lot are feeling the same. Decentralization is giving us a new picture to all the world. It's even changing our behavior and mentality. I can say proudly that I changed a lot during all this time. And I see how many of us are changing for the best.

That's really fantastic when every member of the community improve and grow.

That what makes all the community, the platform and the blockchain thrive !

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