If you don't know the history, you know nothing !

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8 months ago
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It's a great video from a guy from my city Rostov on Don where I already live more than 7 years.

In fact my Russian origin is from a town in this region that's called Novocherkassk. It's a little town, 20 km away from Rostov. When my mother was born, where I spent four years of my childhood, where I've got my second and third high education.

Maybe I didn't live that long as the guy did, but I also witnessed many things he's talking about in the video. He's 45, I'm 37, so that's not a big difference. By the way the guy lived in the US for years and then left it to Russia. He even considered Russia better than the US for reasons he talked about in another video. You can check that here :

So, in the first video he talked about the history of Russia. From being a Soviet Union where so many things were under control, and people weren't allowed to do things you may see them impossible to not do in a country. Like a creating business for example. So, the only production was from the government, imagine that. And people could only be workers somewhere. I don't even know how it's possible to live that way. Anyway, I was born in that time, so I don't remember anything of that. I was too small to understand what's going on. But still I'm sure that some people could figure out how to avoid the government and do their things by their own. That wasn't that easy, but people were doing that for sure. Even in the 70s when my father traveled from Algeria to the Soviet Union, and being a student, he could buy clothes from Italy and French and sell them here. Maybe he was hiding, but that how he met my mother. That how he was so cool, because he was doing very well. That proves that people can always find solutions no matter how strict their government is.

Anyway, we all know that the Soviet Union crushed. And that happened in 1991. And the guy talked about that in the video as well. I wasn't living here, I was living in Algeria and only by 1994 we travelled with all our family to Russia. It was a new country born. Totally different from the Soviet Union. People finally could create their businesses. People could finally make money, travel, buy what ever they want. Speak out what ever they want. They start tasting a bit of freedom. Not a complete one, but it was better than the Soviet Union for sure. But in the other hand, the government decided to not care about people at all. So, as he told in the video, many mafia groups were formed here. And they were the law here. Not the police, because they themselves were afraid of the mafia guys with weapons. So with some freedom people lost a lot of security. Even me I have some experience with that. In 1998 my father took me back to Algeria, and he left my mother with my sisters in Russia. My mother had to work, and she always remembers how people with black jackets were visiting here and telling her that they know how to find my sisters. They were asking from her to pay them for security. And they knew where she was working, and they are taking from her money each month. I don't remember the amount, but they were doing that to every family. Everyone who has a work, especially for independent people. That's the time of 90s. That's how Russia was born and that's what Russian people had to go through.

Then as he said, the golden years of Russia came. Where the police start controlling those groups. They get rid of them. And people started legalizing their business. And in that time people felt even more freedom. People were making a lot of money. Improving their lifestyle. Consuming you can say. Breathing a fresh air. Of the new Russia. And in that time I travelled from Algeria to Russia. I studied here, I met so many people from so many countries. And even created my English club here, and met an American guy here. Here is what was done in my club :

Anyway, that how I found my wife. That's how I got married here, and that helped me to get the citizenship. That helped me find a better work here. To live better. And to feel myself finally a citizen instead of an immigrant. I finally thought that I will be building my life, create a business, and be a successful person. But some things happened, and I couldn't make it. But I preferred to go fully in crypto and that's another story.

Anyway, before the recent events Russia were evolving. Creating relationships with other countries. Turning from a close Union to an open country for opportunities. But things changed. And it's like we're living in a new country again. Maybe it's the case for all countries, but I don't know. I can talk about the country I was living and still living all the time.

The guy in the video even said that there is no Russia anymore.

I still see a country here, and maybe he's exaggerating, but I would say he's right about so many things.

It's always better to see it from the perspective of someone who's living in the country.

I will keep updating you about what's going on here !

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8 months ago
Topics: Politics, Russia, RU, Russian, Russians, ...