How to collaborate with other crypto communities !

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2 years ago

The importance of collaborating with other crypto communities :

There are many reasons to collaborate with other crypto communities :

  • Supporting the decentralized world.

  • Learning from each other.

  • Helping each other.

  • Getting motivated by each other.

  • Diversifying our portfolio.

  • Getting to know more interesting people.

  • Promoting each other.

How to collaborate with other crypto communities :

There are many ways to collaborate with other crypto communities :

  • Joining them and supporting their community.

  • Being active and learning about them.

  • Finding those who are interested in joining us.

  • Helping those who joined to improve here.

  • Promoting their projects, so they will promote ours.

  • Helping them in their initiatives.

  • Creating interviews and podcasts with them.

  • Supporting the tag they support on social media.

  • Being in touch with them and showing interest.

  • Solving their problems in case it's possible.

As you see, there are many benefits in collaborating with other crypto communities. We are an open blockchain community, and by collaborating more with other crypto communities, we may help our community to grow faster, to improve better and to be promoted more !

Let me give you examples about collaborating with crypto communities :

I usually find people I've seen in our community in other crypto communities. Of course, I follow them, comment them and in case I see them new to our community, I help them !

For example :

  • @pantera who's doing well in and It's a cool bitcoin cash community. He's supporting me in that community, I'm supporting him in hive.

  • I've seen @friendlymoose also doing well in read and noise. He created a discord server recently, so I joined. Here is the link to the server : Noise.Cash. I even found a few other members I know there, like : @wrestlingdesires and @hafiz34.

  • I also know @chesatochi who is active in so many crypto communities and I take the example from him and try to support him sometimes. So, we support each other from time to time in different crypto communities and that's awesome.

And I may give you the example of @fullcoverbetting who is always commenting my short posts in noise, @merit.ahama who found me there as well, and now we are following each other. And many who are doing well in being active in a few communities at once. The great example, as well, is @offgridlife. That guy is everywhere also. ☺

In fact, there are a lot of crypto people who are already collaborating a lot in many ways. I just want to make you think of collaborating with other crypto people if you are not doing so yet. I'm sure you'll find it interesting, and you may bring more value to the community you're caring about the most.

One of the main goals after @dcooperation is to collaborate not only with communities here, but also to be the link between all crypto communities. That's why I created DCC token, and I'll work on it, to make it more valuable in the future !

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I think this article is really important. We have so much to gain from supporting each other in the crypto community. Its easy that people view new coins as competition rather than complementary. For instance, I've been trying to grow the reddit of Hivecoin but that doesnt mean Im trying to do so on other coins expenses. We need to start seeing this technology for what it is, a collaborative tool ultimately.

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2 years ago

That's for sure. You're completely right !

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2 years ago

We have any familiar faces from Steem to Hive to blurt to noise and read cash. Making a strong connection in one platform help us growing on other platforms as well.

Thanks for mentioning me.

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2 years ago

That's for sure. It's great that we are all connected !

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2 years ago