Forking is awesome !

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1 year ago

I witnessed all the takeover of steem and I remember creating a lot of content about it.

I even created some great videos in 3speak like this one for example :

Watch the video on 3speak !

That was more than 2 years ago even before even blurt was created. And no other forks existed.

And that's so correct, because decentralization for me is when everyone has the same value no matter what. But we have the proof of stake and that's not the case. The more power we have, the better is our upvote, and we have to decide who will be trending depending on that. To choose witnesses depending on that. Maybe that's should the case, I don't know. As always, I'll be always learning, and I welcome to hear any opinions. Maybe we have to sacrifice some morals for the sake of protecting our selves from the bigger centralization.

In Russian, we say : ''Из двух зол выбрать меньшее''. That means we should choose what's less evil.

But in this post I would like to talk about forking.

You may say, how decentralization is related to that. So, let me explain. Let's suppose someone want the blockchain decentralized from the government, but still somehow centralized in governance. I mean where the stake is leading. That could be done by a fork. Because from what I saw before, content wasn't hidden in blurt or hive, while it was hidden in steemit. I remember many of my posts were hidden in steemit before. It's a kind of bigger centralization, or we can call that censorship. At least in hive, we could be only downvoted, but in steemit that was hidden at all. Removed from the main frontend you can say.

Anyway, that was in the past, I don't know how steemit is working now, because I'm not that active there anymore. The only thing I know, that we still have people in blurt still not satisfy about it. While I see so many good people here who have nothing to do with drama. Artists, musicians, vloggers, great writers, comedians and many types of content creators. And no matter what's happening in blurt, I'll do my best to protect it and my investment here, because with that I'm protecting those people as well. And if anyone tries to contact me telling me shit about blurt, I'll tell him/her to not talk to me about that.

I'll keep powering up all my earnings in blurt, and I'll keep creating on it. And if anyone has a problem with blurt, go complain somewhere else. I'm not your father. And I'll be muting, blocking and ignoring anyone who'll tell me anything bad about something I'm investing in. It's interesting when I was a minnow, no one was reaching to me. Now when I'm dolphin and keep growing, some are trying to make me lose faith in blurt and to power down and leave it. If you're doing so yourself, do it, why talking others out. It's like committing a crime and calling others to help. I'm here to grow, I'm here to improve no matter what. Be responsible only for your own actions, but not for others.

That's why I see forking is awesome !

You don't like something about a blockchain, go and fork it and let everyone leave in peace. Take the example from hive and how a group of people decided to not be controlled by Justin Son and just decided to fork away and to stop all the drama and fighting. In the end we have two separate blockchains where everyone does what he/she wants. Why some people still have the pain in the ass !

I like hive because it has more applications on it. More communities from what I see. It even has hive-engine where people even can create tokens and many frontends and do what ever they want. We even have a frontend without downvotes, a frontend with porn, and many other frontends, each one of them has its own concept. And no one is downvoting what belongs there. That's the beauty of all this.

And if we still have unsatisfied people about all the blockchain, they can still fork it. If you're that powerful to say so much shit about the blockchain, go and create another. We'll see how you'll lead it. How you'll make it fully decentralized as you say. It's easy to say that when you didn't try. I'll be just happy to see more blockchains created. Who knows, maybe you'll make it there. Maybe you'll be able to repeat the success. Because the success is not only in making the price of the token go up, or to make the coin ranked on coinmarketcap. The success is represented in the existence of the blockchain. If it's still operating, working, people, especially developers didn't give up on it, so it's successful.

It's always easier to criticize instead of creating and building.

Let's be reasonable. And if you don't like something, try to do better !

I see forking is a healthy competition that benefits everyone !

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