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The title looks like a motto to me. Maybe it should be the motto of @dcooperation ! ☺

Picture source !

So, in this post, as you understand, I would like to talk about consistency and how it's important. And since so many people are asking me about how to use #dcc tag correctly, this post will be a great example of how the collective curation works.

For that purpose, I'll share the content of the best entries so far in #pob-wotw, explaining my opinion with they wrote.

Let's start by this : Consistency: Looking Through The Lense Of Human Evolution & Existence

... it's a systematic definition of repetitive courses of actions that can explain the evolutionary growth and development of humans in general.

@josediccus is explaining the word perfectly. So, as you see, the consistency is not related only to creating content here, but also to the real life. I know a quote in Russian that means, ''If you are doing something more than 90 days, you are already an expert in that.'' That means the longer we do something, the better we learn about it and the more professional we became.

As you see here, the content of @josediccus helped me to write an other content. Besides that I'm promoting the author of the content. So, it's a win win situation. Now imagine if more people will do that ! It will be really great to find great content and authors to support. That's the goal of #dcc , but not only using the tag when you create for your own lovely self. It's nice when you share the rewards with others and in this case at least by promoting them. Because the attention is also a reward !

7 consistently consistent characters. It's a very interesting read about the topic.

Human nature has a habit of adopting consistency after you hit 30.

I don't exactly understand what @diebitch meant by that. But if I understand correctly, that means that after we hit 30 it's harder to be consistent in something we do. I'm 36 so, I have to sweat to be consistent ? Maybe I need to train more to be more healthy and consistent. I don't know. lol Correct me @diebitch if I'm wrong about what I understand. ☺

But maybe you meant that the troubles we have after 30 may not let us be more consistent. For example, kids who don't let us concentrate or relatives who interrupt us. In this case, I agree. I have a kid myself and I do everything to make him happy, but when I need to write a post, I need to find the proper time to leave it with my wife, then when she is busy, I have to stay with him. Because we both work from home and someone should always take care of him. He's only three years old.

My brother who consistently loves to annoy me ...

I understand in this case @diebitch, and sometimes we really have to fight to find the time and the energy to be consistent. Sometimes it's not that easy to do. But I don't think that depends on the age, but on the situation we are in. Because not all people after 30 have kids of brothers annoying them. lol

As you see sharing the content of someone is not always agreeing with him or her. You can just share your true opinion about the content you shared. You amy bring your arguments and that may create a healthy discussion. That's also a great goal of #dcc and why I'm excited about it. For sure we need to reward somehow the people who share others content. Why they should do that for free. lol

But as I commented this post : POB Word of the Week : Consistency #011. ''Consistency is a powerful word that means a lot to me and to a lot here !''.

When I joined the blockchain more than four years ago, ''Consistency'' is the first thing I learned about. I'm not a native speaker, that's why the word was new two me. So, I may even tell you that I know about it at least four years. At least I'm sure about that, knowing it in English. While for sure I understood before what is it. In Russian, it's ''Постоянство''. From the word ''Постоянно'' and that means always. I know @igormuba is learning Russian, that maybe useful for him.

So, consistency is kind of always doing something. The more we do it, the more we learn about it and the more we may improve it. Talking about creating content, the consistency help us to improve our writing, formatting, choosing a topic and any other skills. Talking about curation, it may help us find better ways to find good content and maybe the consistency of curating is what leaded me to create #dcc tag and the DCcoin now to reward curators and authors. That leaded me to create this post explaining what's #dcc is : Collaborative curation with DCooperation !.

The same about interviwewing others. I learned how to be more confident only by being consistent doing that.

If we compare my firsts interview on my youtube channel here : https://www.youtube.com/c/ClixMoney, with my new interviews, we may see a big difference.

For example, if we take this interview where I was shy and barely saying something in the video :

That was created about three years ago.

And this interview where I interviewed an expert :

We see a big difference. More considence, easiness and maybe even professionalism.

That's all thanks to consistency !

As you see, consistency may teach you, improve your skills, makes you better in everything you do, shows you the right things to do and to not. It's a necessary aspect to care about. It's not only about rewards. But we could consider all the benefits also as rewards. Gaining audience, building a reputation and earning some fame could be even better than any other monetary rewards.

So, consistency is important in anything we do.

That's why we should be always consistent !

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