DCC airdrop in smartBCH network !

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1 year ago
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A week ago I've created DCC on the top of smartBCH chain.

Now, I'm ready to distribute the airdrop to all DCC holders.

All those who are still holding DCC on hive-engine will get the same amount of DCC on smartBCH if they will share their addresses in the comments.

All you have to do is to add smartBCH to your metamask wallet. You can check how to do that here : SmartBCH Metamask Tutorial - Connect to Network, Transfer BCH, Add Tokens and Trade on DEXs.

About those who want the same airdrop, you can buy DCC on hive-engine and get the same amount till the end of this month. Just share the proofs of that in the comments to this post.

The same I propose for those who already bought the token on smartBCH. Register a hive account, install hive keychain, set your account, and you'll get DCC token on hive-engine. If you need a hive account, let me know about that, I'll create one for you for free. A lot of people in smartBCH network didn't know about hive, and I'm informing them about that. The price of DCC token on hive-engine is $0.16 per token.

Even blurt members can enjoy this, because I'll start the contest in blurt as well supporting tags ! For now, I see only a few members in blurt active in #dcc , but if I'll find out that more of our members are already here, the contest will be done as soon as possible. I already wrote about that here : Bringing DCC to BLURT !.

Here are our DCC holders on hive-engine :

Holder, Amount : @certain1400.88988893@taskmaster44501237.069449@trostparadox1237.069449@onealfa1090@onealfa.leo1000@cooperclub1086.54166746@trumpman925.57794175@amr008925.57794175@behelen870.04326524@blessed-girl840.95367279@edicted740.9551765@allcapsonezero674.34964327@vempromundo545.9225215@merit.ahama335.90407375@vikbuddy286.84985@eftnow281.47952286@blue.rabbit197.62168181@visionaer3003191.41686406@readthisplease167.60385@jeronimorubio166.27183757@doziekash158.052725@garybilbao139.77942@starstrings01131.454@natebowie130.92270675@edystringz130.53656062@matheusggr124.37213375@dagobert007119.7355814@stoodkev115.65213375@coinomite115.65213375@pdq115.65213375@spt-skillup115.65213375@pfunk115.65213375@canadian-coconut106.102875@bozz115.65213375@samostically110.09@bilpcoinbpc106.02295695@mb98109@actioncats92.7@onwugbenuvictor82.91@dswap80.72384222@cool0874.5@yenmendt73.33264562@attentionneeded72.5@carlynn66.5@isaomaroon64.375@binkyprod61.8@malomi61.8@samsmith197160.5@chincoculbert60@mrenglish59@rehan1253.56@scottcbusiness50

For this airdrop let set the minimum amount 50 DCC. Because I do all the transactions manually, and it will be a good motivation for those who have less than 50 to buy some.

Here is the initial version of the website : dcctoken.bch.is.

Here is our telegram group : https://t.me/dcccommunity

Here you can follow the price of DCC in smartBCH :


Here is the smart contract on smartBCH : 0x953C198399ed395111199FF01806ca3CEaa6326f

You can use the smart contract address to add the token on your metamask.

DCC is now tradable on mistswap and tangoswap.

The same about smartBCH members, prove me you baught the token, and I'll send you the airdrop on hive-engine.com. The same amount you will buy in smartBCH, you will get on hive-engine as well. The most important is for me to be able to deal with all this till the end of the month.

I always thought about how I can link all crypto community together, and it seems creating DCC in as many blockchains as I can is the solution.

Let's keep building @dcooperation community, giving value to DCC token everywhere, and connect all crypto community together !

Crypto is what will unite people !

Join our : DCooperation Discord Server Here ! | Our telegram group here !

Check the use case of DCC token here !

Buy some DCC here to support us !

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I need to join the DCC telegram group. I will also need to check the price of DCC on the smartBCH...

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