Crypto community will grow faster and improve better !

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I love crypto community. Most people who join here are great.

Crypto started maybe a long time ago. Maybe in the time of Robin Hood if he existed. I'm sure there were people who wanted to see better governance and more fair distribution of wealth. Satoshi Nakamoto could be also considered as Robin Hood. The only difference is that Robin was doing or were doing everything on the ground and Satoshi decided to change the monetary system in the world, to make it more transparent and more decentralized. He or them didn't like to see the financial power in the hands of a few, but showed us how that can be in the hand of many. So, everyone will have a real impact and that's the real democracy.

We noticed during all these years how the censorship was spread in all centralized social media and how many people learned about crypto platforms and even about cryptocurrencies. That will give crypto community a big boost. And now the censorship moved to another level, where they block the access to websites, services, and even impact the financial system in the whole world. So, they don't care about raising the prices and even creating restrictions for clients. Now the main goal is not the profit, but the political agenda. And the more politics will impact people, the more people will run away from the fiat system to crypto system.

That's why as long term players, or investors, we should look at the situation as an opportunity. An opportunity to create a crypto wealth. So, the more cryptocurrencies we will earn and adopt in real life, the better for us will be to enjoy the benefits from this. We shouldn't get into the politics too much, but look at the market and how it acts. Prices raising, means the value of fiat is dropping ! Companies stop working somewhere, means that they leave the space for other investors. Finance controlled, means that more people will prefer to use crypto instead.

All those factors make me sure that the crypto community will grow faster, and we will see more improvement in security, privacy, anonymity, trading ... etc.

We will see as well so many crypto investment opportunities. And we already witness that, and it will be much more.

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