Blurt hardfork 0.8 - PODCAST

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7 months ago

In the recording above we invited blurt people to talk about the hardfork we had recently.

It's great this time 6 people participated in it. And we have new cool people who joined @blurtcast recently.

The video started with @famigliacurione who is a professional podcaster who recorded many series about blurt. And you find him promoting blurt in so many platforms.

Then @clixmoney the founder of @blurtcast and the editor of the video and the podcast itself.

@stefano.massari from Italy with his first entry to @blurtcast.

Then @iykewatch the moderator of @blurtcast.

As well @bestkizito the witness from Nigeria. And the one who invited to many people to blurt.

Also, @chibuzorwisdom the founder of @blurtconnect-ng who activated the witness as well. As a new witness, please support him with a vote ! He's now 43, let's level him up !

Thanks a lot for listening to the podcast, sharing it, commening it on youtube will help us promote blurt.

Stay tuned for our next collaborations.

By the way the next one will be about the magic mute option we have in blurt !

Welcome to join our telegram group here !

Welcome to join our discord server here !

By the way, now we even have our soundcloud page, you can follow us here :

Here is our first recording there :

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7 months ago