Banks in Russia

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1 year ago
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In this video I talked about one of the biggest Russian banks.

I also talked about facts about banks in Russia despite the sanctions.

I will be always sharing facts like they are here. And in case anything change, I will let you know about that in my videos.

I have no reason to not share the facts, and I'm free to share what ever I want.

Of course, I hope for the best, but this is how it is now.

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I don't know if you heard of Wise? With that app (registration is online) you can easily open foreign accounts, convert but also make jars. You receive a Visa (debet) card. The account is free, low fees or none and you can pay abroad in the currency of the country. I have CH yuan but Russia is blocked (still visable).

I wonder how countries open an account to buy gas or oil. Are there online banks only?

Btw if it comes to banks nothing is perfect. The golden age in the Western world is over.

Thanks for sharing this.

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1 year ago