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During my awakening journey, I've seen so many types of content creators who try to spread the information about things they learned about the world, and especially about the leading part of humanity.

Anyway, no matter how much information we consume and from whom, the most important is to do our own researches and to form our own opinion about things based on our experience.

Panic :

sudden uncontrollable fear or anxiety, often causing wildly unthinking behavior.

That's maybe the most popular type of awakening. When those who try to spread the information, start creating fear and uncertainty in people. Maybe they could really be honest about what they are doing. Maybe they spread a lot of truth about what's going on. Maybe they support freedom. But the way they do it, it can just create a mass psychosis among people. Because some people aren't yet ready to accept such information. Especially when we have such tools as youtube where the information couldn't be given in order. But we may find it randomly. And not all people are ready to accept it. Especially when there are so many theories around.

Maybe the example I can give of this is : Alex Jones. Of course many things about him could be said. But it's clear what side he's taking and all people who do like him. And of course we should always notice in the end of his videos, him promoting some products. So maybe the incentive to create such content is to sell the product. That's why I prefer to consume less panicking content about the situation. It's nice when I hear from someone who speaks quietly. That's my preference as a non-native speaker. That makes me understand better. I don't know about how Americans and others feel about it, but they seem loving him. I usually come to such conclusion because of the comments under a video about him from CNN.. Despite CNN talking about him as an evil guy, many people in the comments kept defending him. So, it seems that he has a big community around him. But anyway, it's not my type of content to consume a lot. Maybe sometimes it's ok.

Profit :

Of course any content creator would like to earn from his/her hard work. But sometimes I feel that some do their best to profit from the situation. I don't want to discredit anyone I know doing so. But if I'll take an example of The Dollar Vigilante who I like so much by the way. I see him also in the end of his video promoting the subscription on his website, and sometimes even selling real estate. So, I don't know his real incentive because I can't read minds. But from the way he's presenting things, I don't see that much panic spread. Mostly opinions about what's going on. And I like the funny form he uses, to do that.

In this situation, I would like just to try to categorize the types of content creators who spread awakening. In my opinion it's good if the content creator does that for a noble goal, but not only to profit from that. But if that's his/her main income, so he/she can do some promotion to keep his content on. After all, such people do a lot of researches, present a lot of facts and arguments. So, they may deserve a big reward no matter how big is that. The only thing I hope that their product will satisfy the clients. After all we can always read reviews from and decide if supporting such author is ok or not. Because when I see negative reviews, I have some doubts. So, I don't even know if those reviews are for real, or just from people trying to discredit the guy. It's up to you to decide.

Donation :

Maybe this type of awakening content is the most trustworthy. I don't know. I mean that there are many of such content creators who mostly only ask for donations. So, they are not selling any product, any subscriptions or anything else. They may promote a crypto they like, and for me that's more than ok. Because I feel that awakening is so related to crypto. And most people who are involved in crypto have the chance to accept a lot of modern information no matter how it's presented. After all crypto could be anonymous and that could protect the author from any false accusations. Of course, it depends on the crypto they got and wallet addresses they promote.

For example someone like World Alternative Media who talks about many important things. He's on hive by the way as @joshsigurdson. And he promotes hive in his videos. So, seeing him promoting the blockchain I'm active in and many people are active in is really good. Maybe he's selling some clothes or something light, but I don't see him promoting that, that much in his videos. I've just seen a link leading me to his products in the description of his video. After all, such content creator could be trustworthy. It's again just not my type, maybe because he's kind of acting like a reporter from the news, what make me a bit cautious. But generally, I like such content creators who explain things quietly, without any FUD or panic.

Rudeness :

This type I would say is not for everyone. Mostly I see content creators who practice that, are not promoting anything, or selling products. It's just their way to do things. Maybe they have big following who like them. Maybe that could help some people to see some truth. Maybe it's the way to go for some people. Usually such content creator make fun of those who are not aware yet about many things. Or those who are closing their eyes for a reason or another. Sometimes I even find that funny. And I may sometimes laugh, but I just prefer to be softer on people. Because I know that people can change. They can learn it in another way. Of course with what's going on, maybe some rudeness should be allowed to awake some type of people. And that could push them to open their eyes. But everyone has his own ways of doing things.

I just wish from those who like to be rude with others, or make fun of them, to understand that no all people are the same. Their culture can play with them the opposite game. When their education or the lifestyle may not allow them to accept things in a rude manner. Going a bit softer at least sometimes could be a solution. But after all in this journey, I see a balance needed. Sometimes we just have to have some sense of humor to not lose our minds at all. Because the way how truth seekers are attacked by the narrative is also hard on them. So, we may have to excuse some people for being that tough on others. After all, it's maybe their lifestyle. And I'm not trying to protect them, but just giving a chance to everyone to express him/her selves the way they can. But as I said, I wish them being a bit softer, because not all people are the same. Because sometimes rudeness can push away people instead of making them join a side.

After all, we have to always consider that everyone has his/her own style of spreading information.

The positive thing is that the goal of all those, is mostly noble !

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Interesting but not everyone hears the same if someone preaches or spreads "the news". Is it the bringer/writer of news who's wrong or do we raise children/people wrong, keep them dumb, lie and do not care if they have a huge lack of self-esteem? An educated person, a personality will not easily fall for whatever is told and is easily scared but will search for answers.

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