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An American sings to Russians !

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2 months ago
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Watch the video here !

Oh, this time I recorded a great reaction from two Americans to a Russian couple, me and my wife @cherilay !

The first one I put in the beginning of the video asked us a very interesting question. He said : ''Aren't we sworn enemies ? I don't know !''.

We didn't expect that. That was a surprise, but I guess I understand why is that happening. Just two nations are turned against each other. But I'm glad some are not buying it. Of course, we told him ''NO''. We're not enemies. At least from what I know, citizens don't hate other citizens, unless a third party is turning them against each other. Regular people mostly hate only when it touches them personally. And many things are turning now personal, but we could all stop that and work together on not letting them divide us.

The second guy sang for us a few songs. We loved that. And one of the song of course was so familiar to us. Many Russian people listen to the English music. And after the Soviet Union fall, most Russians grow up watching American movies, we were kind of absorbing the American culture even. And a lot of Russians have a tradition to watch movies in the weekends. And you can find the numbers yourself, and you will see how many American movies we shown in Russian cinema all this time. Anyway, while listening to the guy, I thought about all that. I couldn't just enjoy the songs. The pain I have inside is unimaginable.

Anyway, I will keep doing what I was doing all the time. And that's uniting people. Using @dcooperation, DCC token, @blurtcast, and many other tools to do that.

Youtube is also a great tool, and you can't imagine how many things we can do there to make the world a better place !

Please support me by watching the video !

Commenting it will be as well good.

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Written by   110
2 months ago
Topics: Russia, Russian, Russians, RU, America, ...
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