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Recently, I asked Russian Bloggers some questions about languages.

I liked the entry of @ruta-rudens in the folowing post : Разговор о языке. I asked her the permission to translate the post, and she accepted.

Here's the translation :

The publication turned out a little late, but the topic in this blog is appropriate, so to be continued.

Many questions already sound like answers (because they are voiced). Speaking in Russian, these are common truths, axioms, if you like. Exactly what does not require any special proof.

Is it important to speak only your native language ?

It's important to speak the native language, because any language is a carrier of culture, norms and customs. In addition, it's able to convey our feelings, views, ideas in the shortest way. And a lot of things.

About the question "only if the native?": it depends on the situation.

Is it necessary to study a foreign language?

It is. At the very least, humanity should have different ways of communication. Language is one of them.

Should the language be spread around the world?

A living language will find its own way. But with that said, when language is a way of expressing history, literature, art in general... let the world be richer: in every language there are unique, original parts.

What contribution can each of us make?

To love your native language, is to not litter it.

Can the language influence beliefs?

In my opinion, language is still a sign system capable of mirroring our beliefs. But not vice versa.

What languages ​​do you know and why?

French. This is the usual program of the school and institute. Maybe a little more. Without practice of the language, you quickly lose your skills. Yes, even today I can understand the meaning of a dialogue or a simple text, but I’m unlikely to be able to chat freely on abstract topics with a native speaker. Things are worse with English, but I continue to study it on my own. I like its simple and clear logic. It needs only a little more of my efforts.

What language would you like to learn and why?

Perhaps Spanish... at least, because I like its phonetics. In addition, more than 500 million people speak this language in the world.

This is what I liked the most :

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