The Wind Of Change

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1 year ago

More and more frequently I read many characters who speak exclusively of the negative aspects of cryptocurrencies such as money laundering, cyber criminals, tax evasion and the dark web. Reading or listening to their speeches, it seems that cryptocurrencies are here to definitively bury the human race, as if it didn't already have a foot in the pit ...

Yet cryptocurrencies are for many users a tool that improves their daily life day by day, especially for those people who live in unfavorable areas and who do not work and have to pay bills or buy food and medicine for their family. While wealthy world governments debate whether environmental pollution is real or some kids' invention, cryptocurrencies are helping to better distribute world wealth and build an ascertainable standard of living.

Here on Hive for example, there are many users who exploit their intellect to create good content and be rewarded for their work, rewards that they can exchange to improve their health or the quality of their life. So cryptocurrencies are not bad for the few but they are good for the multitude. The incredible innovation allows almost anyone to be able to create a blog and share their ideas, the landscapes in which they live, the properties, traditions, travels, food, nature. Wherever you are in the world and having a smartphone and an internet connection at your disposal you can be connected with the whole world.

Cryptocurrencies help many guys to find funds to start their own project or company while the government raises your taxes instead of helping you financially, naively I add because if my company is successful I gladly pay taxes. Cryptocurrencies are a great possibility for all those who want to change the quality of their life, perhaps dissatisfied for many reasons and today they have one more tool for the change.

Distances are approaching, wealth is distributed and if we can help improve someone's life, why not? Cryptocurrencies are not bad but they represent an evolutionary tool that used with responsibility can really change the world for the better. So why wage war on the crypto world rather than supporting it? Obvious! The rich are not interested in dividing wealth but in accumulating it for themselves.

But things are changing and the voice of the little ones is becoming more and more a resounding echo that will put the giants to flight. It's just a matter of time.

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