Splinterlands Battle Challenge: TENYII STRIKER

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Hi all Splinterlands friends,

here we are at a new weekly Battle Challenge whose protagonist is TENYII STRIKER, a rare monster of the Fire element, belonging to the new Chaos Legion edition. The samurai is a really powerful and compact monster, at the moment I have upgraded him to level 4 but soon he will reach 5.

The card's primary ability is Sneak, so the monster prioritizes the last deployed opponent monster, weakening the player's rear in battle. Sneak is also often the theme of the daily quest for which TENYII STRIKER is a card that allows you to earn rewards more easily. At level 4 the monster acquires the Dodge ability, a chance to evade the opponent's Ranged and Melee attacks, and at level 7 Backfire, if the opponent's monster misses the attack, it will then suffer 2 damage points.

Very well balanced card with 5 mana points: at level 4 it has a heavy attack of 3 points (+1 from the TARSA summoner), a good speed of 3 points and 6 health points (+1 from the TARSA summoner). At the moment it can be purchased on the market at a very low cost of around $ 0.50 or 160 DEC. For the gold level 2 version you will need to spend almost $ 9 or 3000 DEC!

Link Battle


The new cards have really very powerful monsters like Forgotten, the brand new epic Chaos Legion card, very powerful for being only level 2 and brutally strong and immune to any negative effects thrown by the enemies. Deployed in first position, the monster represents an important wall for enemies, allowing allied cards to launch attacks from their positions!


I was missing a good card with * Reach * ability to deploy in second position, with low mana and an attack power of at least 3 points, plus the +1 bonus of the summoner

Attack speed and health points are good, also here the advantage of the TARSA summoner offers a +1 bonus! The monster has a value of $ 0.06 on the market so it is certainly simple and cheap to upgrade it. At level 6 the card also gains the second ability * Enrege * and the monster becomes more dangerous when damaged!


Excellent card for attacking enemies in last position, 5 mana is always a great compromise because it generally allows me to deploy it in formation very often and at level 4 it has offensive characteristics identical to Radiated Brute.

Rare card, it has two skills at level 4: Snake, attack in last position, and Dodge, increasing the chance of evading the Ranged and Melee attacks of the opponents.


Very interesting magic card, mana is always 5 points so ample possibility to use it in battles, excluding restrictions on monsters with magical abilities.

The upgrade to level 4 offers a 3-point magic attack, good speed, and a decent 4-point defense. At level 6, the monster gains its unique Deathblow ability, which allows double magic damage if the opposing card is the only one in the team.


Rock and fire, SCORCH FIEND is the legendary monster of the Fire element, upgradeable, like all legendary heroes, up to level 4. The statistics are really very interesting:

  • Attack: 2

  • Speed: 3

  • Health: 1

  • Armor: 0

Skills: Demoralize - Reduces Melee attacks from opposing monsters

Cost: The market value of the single legendary card is $ 7 at the moment and it is possible to buy the level 4 card for $ 75.50 at the time of writing, an excellent investment opportunity both tactical and economic.


My goose that lays golden eggs is useful for absorbing ranged attacks, becoming a shield for her companions! Very useful as always, even in this battle!

Thank you for taking the time to read this post

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