Leap Wallet: A new smart wallet on Terra

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The Terra blockchain is growing at an incredible pace and is becoming an attractive pole for all devs who want to contribute to its success but it is also a great opportunity for all talented developers who have the goal of realizing their projects, focusing on an extraordinary community. . The more the Earth ecosystem grows, the more it is necessary to have smart and immediate tools such as wallets, the basic tool for users who are active, or want to be, in the crypto sector.

Leap Wallet is a simple and immediate wallet, available as a Chrome extension, essential for users who want to make quick transactions or view the status of their coins in a few clicks. I believe it is essential, in a world where cryptocurrencies have become predominant, to offer simple and immediate tools to a pool of users who will basically use coins as a simple exchange tool, therefore not interested in further details, information, staking or otherwise. A clean and linear, intuitive and efficient graphic interface is what needs to be achieved to be adopted by mass adoption.

The mechanisms that make up the blockchain are extremely complex and not all users are able to manage the amount of information made available to users. For example, I imagine people not accustomed to technology like my parents, how could they take advantage of cryptocurrencies if they had to make quick payments? Although technology helps to develop smarter tools, applications must necessarily be available for easy use and this will be a promoter for mass adoption.

The Leap team has all these difficulties in mind and for this reason they have started the creation of a wallet that can meet the needs of all users, from the most experienced to the reatil who have no notion about it, and it is precisely on this user topology that it is necessary to build essential applications such as the personal wallet.

Leap Wallet is currently available as a Chrome extension and is available for download here, prossimamente ci sarà anche la versione per smartphone Android e Apple ed la versione Desktop.

The launch of the browser extension is also strategic in my opinion and I really appreciate it. I spend part of my day in front of my pc and for me it is really very simple and easy with a click to be able to view my wallet and manage my coins in real time. The App version will be much more accessible and probably more used by users, I personally prefer to manage everything through the handy extension for my Chrome!

After the download, like all other wallets, you will be released 24 words that you absolutely must keep, because if for some reason you lose your password or there is the need to install the wallet on another device, it will be absolutely necessary to have the words key provided for recovery.

Your gateway to Terra

When the wallet is started, the graphics are really very pleasant and currently Leap Wallet allows you to manage all transactions with confidence, without any token or quantity limit. The wallet is still in the Beta phase, this means that it is not its stable version so I recommend you test it with small amounts of coins, waiting for the AUDIT in progress and the stable version.

By clicking on RECEIVE you will also have the Q Code available to easily identify your wallet or you can copy your address and send it to the person concerned. In my opinion, it would be very useful to place the Q-Code or the wallet address outside the App in order to receive fast transactions and inbound exit even without accessing the password in the wallet which would instead be used only for confirmation. of payments.

Manage Tokens allows you to search for tokens and add them to your wallet. The operation is really very simple and intuitive, the words are very clear and there is no practical difficulty, even for an inexperienced user, to carry out any type of minimal operation.

NFTs are a truly essential component in the Earth ecosystem, which is why a dedicated section and direct access to some NFT marketplaces have been added to the Wallet, to which Loop Finance will also be added as soon as it becomes available.

It will also be possible to view all the NFTs stored in your wallet and any transactions to marketplaces or other Earth addresses will be easily managed.

The SWAP between the various coins is inevitable, it will always be guaranteed with all the coins of the Earth ecosystem and in the future, with the expansion of interoperability and the construction of bridges, it will be possible to exchange LUNA and UST with coins from other blockchains such as BTC, ETH , ADA and others.

The low commissions of the Terra network are driving a large amount of NFT users, developers and creators to use the blockchain so it is necessary to offer a vast amount of services through the wallet for easy management of their wallets. In fact, who would not want to carry out an operation with a simple click? This is the future that fear must align itself with and this is for me the secret ingredient for success over other competitors.

Staking will be implemented shortly and it will be possible to monitor your wallet in a few steps and be able to check all the details of the rewards, redeem them, convert them or move the rewards into staking.

Social & Identity

Once the wallet becomes a daily use product, it can expand beyond just a transaction enablement layer:

  • Identity — build your decentralized identity on Leap with verified NFTs as profile pictures, a human-readable TNS address, Linktree style links and more.

  • Decentralized social graph — build your web3 network on Leap that you own and can take with you to other applications.

  • Communication & social layer — Leap itself could become one of those applications with chat, groups, followers and more embedded inside the wallet.


The present is offering ample opportunities for growth for web 3.0 games or playtoearn and the Leap team has stated its willingness to expose itself in the future with some news on the matter. fantastic in my opinion to create a playtoearn NFT game with fast access from the wallet, in which an ad hoc section should be built for wallet and NFT management. I think it would be a choice absolutely in line with the expectations of the market that is rewarding this new type of game.


The next few months will be important and the team has grouped the news in 3 phases in which important objectives will be achieved such as the release of the App for smartphones and Desktop, staking, NFT and crosschain exchanges.

The expectations are very high and the Leap team has received a grant from Terraform Labs (TFL) to start the development, a sign of the great trust placed in the project and in the team that works there. In a large developing ecosystem like Earth, competition is an element that benefits the community itself, so I am really excited about the favorable environment in which users can work or enjoy the tools made available.

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