Love at First Smile

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Maria had a smile that melt the hearts, one which caught my attention on our first meeting. I called it love at first smile.

It was a few nights to the Christmas Eve and I was in my best mood.

I sought for what I could do to please my lover. I thought of all the things she had wanted in the past but there were lots of them so I couldn't choose. At last, I let confusion win and resorted to asking Maria herself.

"Let's say I was Santa and you were a child, what would you wish for Christmas?" I asked her on a cold night, as we laid so close to each other and the warmth from her breath fanned my face.

She was quiet and that heightened my anxiety. "What if she asked for something that can't be bought?"

But my lover is a little materialistic and I have got the money to buy anything for her, yet that did not help calm my anxiety.

She broke the silence when she looked into my eyes, a faint smile crept in on her face, then it broadened till it blossomed into a hearty laughter.

To say I was perplexed would be a bit of an understatement. Maria sobered up when she sensed my confusion.
She explained that she had taken my question as a very big joke.

"But why so?" I asked, looking even more confused. I have always given her whatever she asked for, though, I never gave her a chance to make such huge request.

"Are you sure about this, Alex. Can you give me anything I ask for?" She said, pressing her lips together, unsure of what my response would be.

"Say it Maria, and it is yours"

She looked into my eyes once again, her soft gaze pierced deep into mine.

"My wish is to have you, all of you to myself. Your love, your heart that is all I want for Christmas." She said nervously and I released a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"My heart? That is it, you already have it." I announced to her happily.

I felt like I had received a gift myself, despite being the supposed giver here.

I had fallen deeply in love with Maria from the very first day but never revealed my true feelings to her. But all that is in the past now. Her Christmas wish just confirmed that what I felt was mutual.

She beamed with a smile- that smile that kept me glued to her.

"Thank you Alex" She said, her smile transformed into a mischievous grin as her hand slowly crept under my shirt, up to my chest. I swallowed hard and my heart skipped few beats.

She spoke immediately her hand came to a halt.

"But I can't feel it" . A hint of sadness replaced her grin.

"Feel what?" Confusion raced back to me.

"Your heart. I cannot feel its beat"

It was my own turn to roar in laughter.

I cupped her face in my hands, making her look at me.

"my heart stops beating at times like this. Something about your touch does that to me." I assured her.

"It's a good thing after all" Maria said but my stomach churned aloud.

"And you know what they say about the fastest way to a man's heart right?" She looked at me like I just grew a tail, then she "catwalked" towards the kitchen with a semi-creepy smile on her face.

"I will fix you one last dinner, Alex. Your third dinner tonight".

And she did for she loved to take care of me.

That night, I slept very happy after my third dinner. The last thing on my mind before I kissed my pillow was to shower my lover with gifts regardless, since she wished for what she already had, it was only right to give her more. I was going to make this one a surprise.

I thought of ways to go about it when I spotted her Laptop, sitting pretty on the table. I looked at her form and she seemed quite deep in her sleep yet I decided against the idea that popped into my head and postponed it till morning.

Maria's side of the bed was empty when I woke up, So I dragged myself to her laptop, ready to execute my previous night's plan before she returned.

Fortunately, I did not have any need to use the password as she had used it this morning before she left.

The plan was to look into her browsers to get an idea of what she might have been looking up, so as to know what to buy for her.

But her browser greeted me with search results that caused all the hairs on my body to stand.

"the price of human heart in the black market"

"Where to find legit buyers for a healthy human heart"
"Fastest and easiest ways to dissect an adult male"

I stalled a little bit and opened some of the websites. The contents were not good.

I needed to find a means to leave this crazy woman's place.

After gathering my things, I began heading for my car when I bumped into my lover.

behind her were two giant men who looked like they would rather die than smile.

My lover looked at me with disappointment.
"Babe, don't tell me you are leaving already. What about my Christmas gift?"

She pouted.

"I...I'm sorry Maria, but that wasn't..." I began

"Nah, It's fine" She cut me off.

"Here I brought Marshal and Tom. They volunteered to help with the butchering. And here's best part, they even offered to help drive you home afterwards. Aren't they just too kind?"

"Marshal here, knows the easiest way to cut to the heart. He said something about 'Diaphragm' but I don't know what that is. I guess we shall be finding out soon. I'm so excited."

Maria chirped, revealing that smile that melt hearts. A smile that caught my attention on our first meeting. I thought it was love at first smile.

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