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My Recommendations for Those Who Want to Invest

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1 year ago

Sometimes we didn't have money, we want to do something with it without the great devaluation consumed it, most of the time we prefer to buy a material commodity because of our ignorance in investments. But most of us wonder if we want to deposit our money, but don't make these big mistakes before you do.

You don't save enough

One of the biggest reasons we invest in a business or stock market due to lack of money is that most of our money goes to all expenses without leaving a small percentage for savings.

One of the solutions to this big problem:

  • Pay yourself at least 10% of your income first, if you can increase this amount faster you will have good money to invest.

  • Keep track of your spending budget exactly.

  • Eliminate unnecessary expenditures that we think are small, but they will grow after a while.

Not knowing the investor's profile

This is the information we need to know, this data guides the investor to decide where the risk level is. With this in mind, this information may enter the unknown and you may be losing your savings or even a loan you have requested.

Not having an investment plan

Before investing, you should have a plan that always tells us the steps we will take without having to reevaluate or make a decision every time, we can't just invest the money and see what will happen, for example we have a plan at Cubdefi when to harvest our SPC or Den or a The way to choose to invest in a farm with the highest profit but a lot of risk or money loss.


  • What are the Goals: This is very essential because it will tell you exactly what you want to achieve with the money you invested.

  • The Risks It May Have: You should always consider what risks your money can have, what the limit it can withstand losing.

  • Strategies: This will always assist you in what decisions to make, not that you will go first.

Find out which is the best investment

Not only should you be guiding yourself where to put your money, you shouldn't just let yourself get carried away by what you say. You have to educate yourself financially, what kind of investment you need to invest in real estate or cryptocurrencies, it will depend on which option you decide, which one you feel safe.

While investing many people want to see their earnings quickly, sometimes what they do when they don't have money for the expected period is to withdraw their investments even at the best time when a currency or real estate is at its best. . That's why you should be patient and cautious when investing, choose whether your investments are short or long-term, if you know they are long-term, you will buy them in order to realize your investments at a certain time. fruits are a little late but better rewards.

You left too early

There are many people who are caught up in their emotions, withdrawing their money earlier than expected, when you see an investment drop and withdraw it, you cannot stop being caught up in your emotions, you have to follow a plan for what will happen. your strategy when a security falls or rises and stick to it. In the minds of passers-by, they need to buy fast because it rises, and Po falls because it sells fast, leading them to buy high and sell low.

I hope it has been a useful article for those who will invest. I am waiting for your likes and comments.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
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This article is very informative and very helpful especially like me who is a beginner.

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1 year ago