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My Prediction about Hive & Hive Dollar

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1 year ago
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The beginning of May went pretty smoothly for the prices of both currencies (Hive & HBD), the prices of the two currencies had a pretty good position defense, there was even a slight upward move there, very good charts for now. Gradually these two currencies became quite expensive, the price of the Hive was almost equal to $ 1, and the price of HBD was still between $ 1 - $ 2.

Sand in the coin market at the moment is also very busy, the volume of Hive and HBD is huge, which means traders are still very interested in our idol currency.

The Hive price is still below $ 1 USD and an increase is likely at a later date. This is because the defenses of the chart lines are doing pretty well in their respective positions and only drop slightly at any given moment.

The price between Hive and Hbd and the chart have one thing in common, here the Hive chart is $ 0.634 and the HBD chart is 0.00003223 Btc ($ 1.84). This figure is at a safe point this week, but if you pay attention to the charts of these two currencies, the price is falling.

Sometimes there is also a slight upward movement at a given time, which is a concern of traders keeping a certain price to trade. The charts for these two currencies are not that different, as the Hive and Hbd users themselves have the same amount.


The hive price currently stands at $ 0.634, which means today's price is worse than yesterday's price. Maybe the program to improve the Hive is not 100% implemented, that doesn't mean the Hive will drop to a low point, the Hive is still stable this week.

It is possible that the price is below $ 1 and the Hive is above $ 1.

Hive Dollar (HBD)

Other crypto prices are currently experiencing a tremendous increase, but the HBD price is still hovering around $ 1 - 2 USD. The price of HBD equals almost $ 1, which is probably good for the ongoing program.

The price of HBD is starting to stabilize at US $ 2 or below US $ 1.84, or the equivalent, we hope this will go smoothly. The goal of becoming a currency in every purchase is almost achieved. In fact, the price of HBD has exceeded $ 2 for a moment in recent weeks.

Market Hive Wallet

You can see it in the Hive wallet market, there is a place to swap between Hive and Hive Dollars (HBD). The price comparison for these two currencies is 1: 0.351, so 1 Hive equals 0.351 HBD. This is very different from yesterday's prices, hbd and steem have charts showing a huge increase, so conversions between these two currencies are very high.

Buy Hive

If you buy a Hive using HBD at this point, this is highly recommended, as it is possible to keep the HBD price equal to $ 1 as well as raise the Hive price further. Moreover, the current HBD price is still too high, it will be far from this target.

Sell Hive

Maybe most of us don't want to make this change because the HBD price is higher than the Hive price. If you do, you'll likely need lots of Hives to get HBD.

I hope you understand my explanation above and I hope what we want is quickly achieved, Hive is part of our hope.

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Written by   45
1 year ago
Topics: Crypto, Hive, HBD, Blogger
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You elaborated important things. But there will be another spike in hive as it's expected

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1 year ago

Thanks, it’s useful

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1 year ago