Christmas dishes from Venezuela

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ok, my favorite holidays for Christmas and New Year are the ones i always spend in Greece, but among my favorites are the ones i spent once in Venezuela.

The hallaca is one of the main typical Venezuelan Christmas dishes

The development of the hallacas is an event in most Venezuelan families.

A complex process is required to enjoy this succulent Christmas dish.

In principle, a budget should be drawn up based on the number of findings to be made

Then the selection of each of the ingredients, seeking quality levels in these.

Already having all the ingredients at home, proceed to the elaboration of the stew.

There are other variants in terms of ingredients, but this varies from the area.

The day after the stew is made comes the wrapping, mooring and then the cooking of the hallacas.

All family members participate throughout this process by distributing the tasks.

All this task is enjoyed by placing music all theusive to Christmas and as a drink to share.

Chicken salad is part of typical Venezuelan Christmas dishes

This chicken salad recipe is a favorite, which serves as a complement to accompany the hallaca.

It is usually done a little before lunch or dinner as the case may be.

This element of the main course of Christmas carries as ingredients:

  • Potato, carrot, boiled eggs, chicken breast or shredded chicken

  • Mayonnaise, peas among others.

Potatoes, carrots and eggs should be cooked in relation to the preparation.

Separately, the breast is placed to cook.

Once cooked, it is allowed to cool and then it is chopped and all ingredients except mayonnaise or dressing that apply to it are added.

Ham bread a delicacy of typical Venezuelan Christmas dishes

The ham bread that serves completely on Christmas plate of the good night is a delight.

But we don’t have to wait until Christmas if we want to eat it. Well, in most bakeries they start selling it before the beginning of December.

For this reason it is a tradition that has gradually become increasingly important.

The preparation of ham bread goes through several stages that we will mention below:

  • The dough is first prepared taking into account that it takes a while to wait for it to grow.

  • Then stretch with a roller and add ham, chopped olives and raisins

  • Subsequently comes the baking process.

Without a doubt it is a very exquisite bread thus becoming a favorite of the Holiday season.

I could write until the new year finds me for the holidays I spent in Venezuela, but there are definitely many out there with more information than I have

Anyway, I can say that it was one of the best holidays I have ever had

I wish you all happy New Year

Full of Health and Joy

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