Mirandus - World of Warcraft on steroids?

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What is Mirandus

Mirandus is a massively anticipated multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG)" currently being built and developed by Gala Games. The game has been dubbed the next world of Warcraft but bigger & better, much better, with a new dimension that will blow your mind! Whilst the game is still in development there is hearsay that there will be a launch date for Beta testing in Q4 of 2021.

Mirandus is set in a world ruled by five player-monarchs. In game, players have absolute freedom of choice: they can set out into the wilderness alone to try their fortunes against the monsters of the deep woods and dungeons, join with one of the monarchs to serve as a knight in their court, or set up shop in one of the five great cities of the realm. Player ownership of in-game assets is a central mechanic, with players being able to hold land deeds which allow them to claim parts of the wilderness and set up holdfasts ranging from small farms to massive cities. In Mirandus, you decide who you will be and choose your own quest in the epic fight against evil.

What makes Mirandus different from its' competitors is the concept of legitimately owning in game assets.

Players can purchase land, villages, towns, buildings, shops & weapons that could be used to generate passive income in the form of GALA (the native cryptocurrency of the platform). The GALA can be traded on an exchange such as bitrue for actual USD (or other fiat currencies such as GBP EUR etc). Once a player decides they no longer want to hold their asset, they can sell it - just like that - well assuming there is a buyer of course.

For players that do not have cash to invest upfront to purchase these digital assets, they can earn them by completing in game quests. Allow me to elaborate: imagine wandering into the wilderness of the Mirandus forest. You stumble across a hidden cave. Upon entering the cave you are faced with a three headed fire breathing dragon. You bombard the dragon with multiple bow and arrow shots, whilst swiftly dodging shots of fire. After an adrenaline fuelled battle, you rise as the victorious winner whilst the slayed dragon collapses into a heap on the ground . As a reward for your bravery, you discover a rare sword hidden in the deep dark depths of the once protected cave . This sword now truly belongs to you. You can use it within the game to slay other mythical creatures, or if you wanted - sell it on an open marketplace such as opensea for actual moolahhhhh (AKA money).

Another example - after saving your hard earned wages by being an armed guard for one of the Citadels, you decide you want to run your own shop. With your wages, you decide to purchase a shop within the town. You agree a price with the current owner of the building, and then, decide to convert it into a weapons store, thus, starting your new path of being a wealthy business owner. Players can now come to your store and purchase weapons from you. Or they may come in looking to sell some of their weapons. If you are a good businessman, you can buy these weapons low and sell them for a handsome profit.

The Mirandus Minotaur in his golden cave


This new fusion of fantasy play with a real life economy is achieved by the use of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

NFT means "non fungible token", or simply, it is a token that represents something of value. An example of an NFT in this game could be a sword, armor, potion, etc.

Each NFT is unique and there are only a finite supply of them. They are held on a public blockchain which can be used to trace the origin of the NFT through to previous buyers and sellers, through to its' current owner.

Think of NFTs in the same way as you think of rare Pokémon cards (but in a digital fashion). However the advantage of NFTs over Pokémon cards is that they are impossible to counterfeit, as the originals can always be traced back on the public blockchain.

With Mirandus, players will no longer be purely motivated by enjoyment, but also from an economic point of view with the ability to earn passive income.

The butterfly effect

Many of you will have heard of the butterfly effect. Put simply one small change can result in much larger changes in the future. There is actually a movie about this with Ashton Kutcher playing the protagonist.

The gaming developers of Mirandus are trying to incorporate the butterfly effect into their game. For example if a group of players decide to steal gold from the Minotaur king, he could launch an attack on the town of those local players in retaliation. The village earl then calls for help from his friendly next door neighbour, whilst the Minotaur King calls upon his allegiance to the elfs, leading into a full blown war. This intricate domino effect will ultimately allow spontaneity and unlimited outcomes - a real gamer changer in my opinion.

Final thoughts

With this new concept of been able to earn an income from being a citizen of the Mirandus world, combined with the so called butterfly effect, I think the gaming world is going to be blown away.

If you are interested in learning more about Mirandus, or you want to start acquiring some in game digital assets you can sign up to GALA here (sign up is free).

Note - the in game assets are selling pretty quickly, a strong indication of the rising popularity of this game. All land has been purchased, only buildings remain.

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