GALA Games teams up with Sin City

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GALA Games has teamed up with the legendary creator himself, along with world renowned art studio Concert Art House, to bring the world an exquisite collectible series of limited edition NFTs to commemorate 30 years of Sin City.

After months of preparation, these historic NFT drops are finally slated to begin next week and the Gala community is very much excited. The collectibles are absolutely beautiful, capturing all the noir excitement of Frank Miller’s original works of art and exploding into a new medium that profoundly says to the world, “these stories will live forever.”

When a real life hero of collectibles and creativity like Frank Miller acknowledges the paradigm shift at hand and affirms the power of digital collectibles, it makes a statement to the world almost as powerful as Miller’s sledgehammer storytelling and breathtaking art.

Some NFT drops will be limited in quantity (with maybe some been airdropped to lucky node owners), while others will be available only for a limited time. Still others will be so rare and unique that only a single edition will ever be owned.

GALA  Node update (27th Sep 21)

Current cost to acquire a node -                                                  $17,000

Nodes sold to date -                                                                    34,000

Finite supply of nodes -                                                               50,000

Final node selling price -                                                             Approx $93,000

Node increase -                                                                           From 1st October 2021, the cost of a node will increase by $500 for every 100 nodes sold

Daily GALA rewards for operating a node  -                                Approx 450 GALA

Price of GALA -                                                                            $0.095

Reward for node operators in USD -                                           $43 per day/$1,290 per month/$15,480 per year




Town star

Game still in Beta, "Town coin" (the native coin in the game) should be airdropped to node operators soon.

Spider Tanks

Game in public beta, although a spider tank NFT is required to play.

Echoes of Empire

Game launch expected to be spring 2022.


Game launch expected to be summer 2022.


No specific updated timelines given, assume a launch date of early 2022


If you are interested in purchasing a GALA games node or want to learn more about the amazing gaming platform that GALA is building, you can learn more about them here.


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