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Polkadot ecological treasure project in 2021

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Topics: Polkadot, ETH, Ethereum

Polkadot Ecological Interpretation:

According to the white paper of Polkadot, "Polkadot is a heterogeneous Multi Chain Architecture, which aims to solve the problems of scalability and isolation in the blockchain architecture.".

Generally speaking, Polkadot ecology is a collection of heterogeneous links of multiple blockchains. Polkadot can link all blockchains. Like TCP / IP protocol, which is an important cornerstone of the Internet, Polkadot can create an innovative Internet blockchain ecosystem. Gavin wood, the founder of Polkadot, once summed up in his personal Twitter: if Polkadot is compared to a house, 2018 will be the year for Polkadot to lay the foundation, 2019 will be the year for building the framework, and 2020 will be the year for interior decoration and carrying bags. This year, it's not difficult for you to find that Polkadot has been officially launched and pushed forward to the main network in stages.

Polkadot high quality project identification:

As Polkadot ecology has entered the fast lane of development, many projects publicize themselves as Polkadot ecological projects in order to rub the popularity of Polkadot. In fact, they sell dog meat with sheep's head. So how to distinguish the fake Polkadot project?

First of all, due to the limited number of slots in the initial stage of the main network, not all projects have the opportunity or willingness to become parallel chains of Polkadot, which gives opportunists the opportunity to take advantage of. I think the following aspects are worthy of reference:

  • Have you ever won grant sponsorship from Web3 foundation? If so, how many times in total

  • Is it one of the subject builders programs

  • In the friends project of lighterpaper on Polkadot's official website, the priority and competitiveness of participating in parallel chain bidding are usually higher

  • Community appeal, large scale of community / Polkadot investor support

The project with these characteristics can be confirmed as a real Polkadot ecological project. After identifying Polkadot ecological projects, what other potential projects are there in Polkadot ecology? According to the above points, we have sorted out some Polkadot ecological treasure projects for you.

crustnetwork-IPFs of Polkadot ecology

Crust is an application-oriented public chain to motivate decentralized cloud services. Crust implements the incentive layer protocol of decentralized storage, adapts various storage layer protocols including IPFs, and provides support for the application layer. Crust network implements incentive layer protocol of decentralized storage, adapts various storage layer protocols including IPFs, and provides support for application layer. At the same time, the architecture of crust network also has the ability to support the decentralized computing layer and build a distributed cloud ecosystem. Crust network has successively joined the subject builders program, Web3.0 bootcamp, and won the grant of Web3 foundation. Crust expects to build a distributed cloud ecosystem through closer cooperation.

ACALA-Polkadot ecological infrastructure

ACALA is the stable currency issuance platform of Polkadot ecology. Based on Polkadot, ACALA builds cross chain defi to connect different blockchain networks.

The core of ACALA protocol is the stable currency ACALA dollar (ausd), which supports multi asset mortgage, and can be freely circulated and traded between different blockchains.

Phala-privacy parallel chain

Phala network is a parallel chain of privacy computing on Polkadot. Based on the economic incentive mode similar to pow, Phala network releases the privacy computing power of countless CPUs and applies it to Polkadot parallel chain, so as to serve other applications such as defi and data services on Polkadot.

Phala based applications plibra and Web3 analytics have won the Web3 Foundation Prize. In March 2020, Phala became one of the first projects to join the project of substratebuilders program. In July 2020, Phala was awarded the title of "new and original power of privacy computing" by the computing power think tank.

Spyderprotocol-polkadotdefi + investment and financing agreement

Spyder is a cross chain investment and financing protocol based on substance, which is an important part of polkado ecology. Spyder supports holders of different digital assets to circulate and convert cross chain assets through this protocol. At the same time, because of the symbiotic protocol it contains, this kind of investment and financing behavior is more secure and efficient.

Compared with the above projects, the project is still in its early stage. At present, there is no detailed private placement policy and token economy model. However, according to the information on the official website, the POS mortgage mechanism will be adopted for issuance. The project is mainly based on parallel chain auction. Based on Polkadot's good investment income, the project is believed to attract extensive attention of the market

In addition, the project has been sponsored by the Web3 foundation for three times, and has been displayed on the Polkadot official website as a key project in lighterpaper.

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Written by   14
1 year ago
Topics: Polkadot, ETH, Ethereum
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Polkadot is one of my favorite coins for this year 2021, it has a good future I hope it goes far.

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1 year ago

I really have good hope for PolkaDot DOT. Cant wait to see what will it be in 2021

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1 year ago