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Polkadot co founder Robert decrypts parallel chain

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1 year ago

At the first Polkadot Community Conference Polkadot decoded on December 3, Robert habermeier, the co-founder of Polkadot, shared the "decryption parallel chain", decrypting all aspects of parallel chain technology and the latest development of parallel chain development. Here are some of the points summed up from Robert's sharing.

Decrypt parallel chain

1. Parallel chain will subvert the existing blockchain technology

Parallel chain is the epitome of the development of blockchain in the past decade, whether from the perspective of technology or from the perspective of concept.

Parallel chain will subvert all existing blockchain technologies, especially layer 1 blockchain, such as bitcoin, zcash and smart contract. Parallel chain has the advantages of layer 1 blockchain and smart contract, such as autonomy, endogenous security and professionalism.

2. Parallel chain is the core of Polkadot

Relay chain and Kusama are more like meta protocols, while the actual logic runs on parallel chains.

3. There are many kinds of parallel chains

There are many types of parallel chain, such as parallel chain with currency, parallel chain without currency, parallel chain specialized in a certain field, and hub chain serving a certain community.

4. The parallel chain will share some functions of relay chain

At present, the relay chain undertakes a lot of functions. After that, some functions of the relay chain, such as stacking, governance and transfer, can be transferred to the parallel chain, while the relay chain is only responsible for the consensus of the parallel chain. This will liberate the computing resources of the relay chain and make the relay chain the first blockchain without transaction. It only needs to focus on expanding the scale of parallel chain as much as possible.

5. Parallel chain can participate in network activities as actors

The parallel chain represents the collection of financial assets and social assets. Each parallel chain can represent its stakeholders and carry out many activities as an actor, such as participating in the governance of relay chain through proposal and voting, becoming a member of Polkadot network Council, claiming reward tasks, allocating treasury funds, etc.

Recent development of parallel chain 

Current progress

a. V1 (production level) parallel chain code has been fully standardized in the guide, most of the implementation of rust has been completed, only a few subsystems are short of implementation

b. The message passing function (HRMP) between parallel chains has been implemented, and the messages in parallel chains are transmitted through relay chains

c. The V1 test network of Rococo has been implemented, and the team developed on Polkadot can use this test network to test, and then go online in Polkadot main network

d. The code base is being audited

Next step plan

a. Further optimization and stress testing of network

b. Complete the anv protocol code

c. Improve the auction module, such as white list, crowdfunding limit and other functions

d. Conclusion of audit work

e. Formal launch of parallel chain on Kusama and Polkadot (it will be launched after all code is audited and the security is reliable enough)

f. Development and introduction of parallel thread

Full video playback:

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Written by   14
1 year ago
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